Random Ramblings: A Good Thing

I did my little ranty bit on my video, so I don’t have to rant here. Besides, you can tell what I feel about things in videos better than written in my blog. I just don’t *like* doing videos. Sure, it gives me license to spout off whatever I want to, but who really wants to? That is what my writing is for. It may be old tech, but hell, I don’t have to show my face. And on my videos, I definitively say I am NOT politically correct. I made a statement about me not being able to hold booze cos I’m part Native American. That is no insult to those people. It’s just what I’ve learned by observation. Sooo, my statements aren’t “PC.” Who cares? I don’t. Get yer thumbs outta yer asses people. I am old school. Of the WWII, Generation X part. My parents were baby boomers. Nothing in my house was politically correct. There were not these “sensitivities” back then, and I’m stuck with this generation that is so weak, they can’t even take a harsh word without killing themselves or making a hullabaloo on the internet with their Facebook/Twitter shit.

I’m tired of the coddling! Get over yourselves people. What happened to being a decent person? I guess I’m still ranting. Back in the old days, people did not have to lock their doors. You could trust others. There was camaraderie. And there were horrible things too, that we have fixed through new technology, which is amazing.

It’s a good thing for me to talk once in a while. If I get hate messages, I don’t fucking care. I don’t have a lot to share magically right now, because of the whole keep secret thing. I’m doing work, but I do need more clients.

You don’t have to worry – I’m not a biased person, I’m all for equality. I am just so tired of people bitching about what they can fix themselves.


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