Random Ramblings: Random stuff

It’s kinda funny when your divination shells start working again, after not working for quite a long time. I still throw the odd answer. But they have been accurate for things. So, I’m not going to completely dismiss them like I did for quite awhile. My godfather made me another set. I’ll pick those up when I go to visit him.

There is a lot going on at the moment, that’s why I’m not posting as much. I’ve been keeping busy. Stuff at home, client work, etc. Zarabanda really opened up my roads and gave me work to do. To that I’m thankful, I hope he helps with my husband. Its been awhile.

I’ve been wanting to do more videos, but my eye has gone lazy again and wearing my glasses is impossible because of the horrific glare.

Even sunglasses would be bad. Ugh.


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