Vibes are Strong

So yesterday, it wasn’t raining, so I went around the corner and walked over to the nearest field. It was for a mpungo. One of my candles went out the day before and I needed to make an offering. When I do these offerings, I get a major powerful boost, and I get dizzy.  I lit another one for the mpungo I’m working with and the candle is past half-burnt already. It’s a 7 day one. When candles burn fast like this, it means that everything is in motion and you should get exactly what you want.

It’s like ACK the energy is sooo fucking strong! I’m channeling it into the things we need and into the client work I’m doing.

Sometimes its hard to control the energy and it makes me a little overwhelmed. But as I said, the vibes are strong and I do like it. I can feel it from head to toe. So palpable. I’ve mentioned this several times.

I know why what I do works so well. From my godfather: “You’re under my houses (munansos) spirits and they treat you like you are initiated. And you are meant to be a Priestess, hands down.” Those are his exact words.

So, don’t question me. I’ve had great client response thus far. Readings or magic work. I do not call myself a Palera yet, technically because I’m not initiated. But I am a Bruja and I can work with the Kimpungulu just like a Palera, without animal sacrifice or setting firmas aflame.

I don’t know everything there is to know. Obviously I’m just a student, but I have the energy to work like a experienced Palero/a.

I am also dedicated to muertos (Dead). I pray for my ancestors a lot. They help me out with things too.

Well, that’s about all I have to say for now.




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  1. Interesting blog. I believe that as women we are all manifesttions of the Divine Feminine The Goddess and for men of course The God and Divine Masculine. For instance I’ve got a friend who was initiated as a Wiccan but no longer is and was then initiated into the O.T.O. But is now a “self initiated Priest of Hekate/Hecate”. He is very talented and is all these things and more. I see myself as a “self initiated & dedicated reconstructionist Priestess of Hekate/Hecate as well 2012”. As well as being an initiated Priestess of Isis & Witch 2007 & Priestess of Wicca, and also a Priestess of Eclectic Traditional Witchcraft, Chaos Magick Priestess & Oracle 2010, Initiated Power Animal Shaman & Soul Retrieval 1999. Ceremonial Magick Citi Lodge 2014, Creatrix/Founder of the Lunafyre Tradition of Witchcraft, Sorcery and Divination 2011, Crystal healing initiated 1997, Nearly converted to Tibetan Buddhism in 1998, Made Honoree Tibetan Buddhist 1999, Blue Isis Reiki 2009, Reiki I & II 2012. Phew! That’s all I can think of for now…my point being that all of these things are labels which can either be bestowed upon ourselves or titles given to us after a span of studying and/or culminating in an examination. All of us have as our birthright the ability to practice magick, divination and more successfully. However we are not all born equally in every way. Just as some of us can be born into extreme wealth whist other’s can be born into poverty and so many other life types and extremes ad infinitum. My point being that with magic/magick we aren’t all born equally at all. Sadly some people may have been tungsten by the top teacher for 10 years and still can’t do a basic magickal working. Whereas there are other’s whom are mostly self taught especially in all the basics and they happen to be quite gifted. Hereditary ability is quite often able to be proved using “spect (bright) light heat scans as I watched in a doco last night. We all have the ability to change time, claim time or waste time? Whichever it is in the end is completely up to us entirely? I see your point Jen and hope that your you see mine too? DITTO Lol
    I just didn’t use any Palo or similar terms because as I’m not a practitioner and don’t intend to be, I don’t feel right using their terms. Just thought I’d add that so that your you know why now just in case you were wondering? Lol Don’t you find that in an ever changing and often entertaining universe/multiverse that it’s ever expandingly enlarging at an ever increasing juxtaposition of space and time continuum? Just think along Quantum Mechanics and the String Theory etc and the rest was all my own idea. Lol
    Some may say this is divinely inspired and others may think “I’ll be stuffed, as I thought it was all blue, and now I’ve got a flat tyre to boot!
    All of us are basically our brains meaning what we think? Someone once said, “just imagine an old mop with your brain somehow balanced on the end. Now without a body the brain is quite useless as without a body to control it really can’t do much can it? Now bare with me ok. If our inspired brain on the end of a mop pole was able to psychically move and influence other people say by moving furniture or getting the mop handle to tap during the night. This is then the brain without a body’s very primitive way of communicating with other brains like ours, that have the luxury of a body attached. I’m not being funny….but using this silly example of a brain on a mop handle communicating so basically. However just imagine how much energy, intent, ideas, movement etc that it took our lone brain to actually communicate with others. Basically by sound alone. Parapsychologists would say this is very basic kinetic activity. Then of course it’s up to paramentalists, parapsychologists, psychics and mediums etc to communicate and/or understand it.
    Now when it comes to this we are all certainly not all born equal. lol Depending on the day a person may be able to read it psychically spot on or on the same day another person may try to understand our brain’s primitive communication methods? But unfortunately he or she didn’t have a clue and neither did 50 other people that were asked to try. Then randomly someone walks in and then notices the psychokinetic activity straight away. Then she randomly she comes up and tells you what the brain is trying to tell you and then walks away never to come back.
    Pure synchronicity at its purest and simplest. Meanwhile the previous 50 people including yourself still don’t have any idea how that random women worked out “what the brain really wanted”?
    It certainly wasn’t nature or nurture. There is no theory of psychology to explain this phenomenon at all. It was just brilliant and neither did the random women who solved the “case” knew how that she did it either? Lol It was mostly mathematically yet still statistically possible, just not probable. Yet the random woman understood our loan mop handle brain again. Mmm…..go figure?? She didn’t have a better education, smarter parents, grades or anything else that could change this situation. It was just an honest difference between people and what they can understand and what they can’t!
    If you don’t understand what I’m talking about? Then whatever you do don’t attempt magick alone, especially not Chaos Magick ok.
    All of our brains are wired together differently. It doesn’t mean one person’s neurotransmitter’s are smarter than her neighbors. In fact they both have exactly the same IQ….yet there is still this unqualifiable difference as we already know. Why? Could it be because one brain has the inborn preference for chocolate compared to the other neighbour’s brain whom prefers savory sausage. Why? Is this a difference in intelligence? Is it the way they ere brought up? Was it the way nature tarts them as they ere growing up? Or was it because one came from a wealthy family and the Otha’s family struggled someday? Who’s to say and who’s to know? But this is just a short little story on how, without explaining why? Two brains like different food the best, chocolate or savory sausages. Nothing to do with IQ, statistics, mathematics, statistical intelligence, culture, nature, nurture, survival or knowledge etc.
    In the end some of us are just born with the innate ability to read the Spirits! Other’s no matter how hard they try will probably be blue to do it to w degree but nt the same as person A. Who’s genetics and hereditary ability makes her the one to call upon when it comes to communicating with Spirits of all kinds. I hope that this explains in a way without bravado, why and how some of us are able to do with ease (spirit communication). What other’s study all their lives to achieve.
    I will be writing more on this topic for those whom are interested?
    Have a great weekend!

    Blessings and love,



  2. Sry I meant to add to the bottom of my “unusual and longish” comment.
    All the idea and quirky explanations within this blog reply to: Vibes are a strong are all under copyright and original ideas not to be used as they are the property of the author.
    Copyright: C. LOWE 6th November 2015
    Story: THE JUXTOPOSITION OF THE SPACE TIME CONTINUUM “DITTO” November 2015 – Patent Pending@2015

    I have just added this to protect my intellectual property as unfortunately some rat stole one of my own original ideas and used it as their own. You can just imagine how I felt right! Yeah really crap is how!

    It’s ok for you to reply to within the context of Jen’s blog and what is written bout here being magick/magic. If it gives you your own ideas for intellectual convo’s, stories or ideas? That’s fine as long as you at least ask me about its use in your project? What it is? How Yu want to use it? How my idea/s are being used? Then if it’s all ok? Please make sure you give me credit for my idea. Within your own credits of course. Link for actual story/book coming soon. From early to mid 2016.

    Watch out for: Under the Working Title:
    Author:C. Lowe@2015


  3. Got to always love the Dead (Muertos). Without our very own sacred ancestors none of us would be here now, nor our families, friends etc etc and so it goes on. Great reminder Jen for us all to remember our Ancestors not just at Samhain either. As its Beltane here in the land down under! So to me like you do Jen and no matter what the season we must always “Remember Them”!💀🌹🌙❤️🌹⭐️🌙


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