What do I think about Daemons now?

Everyone knows that I was a Daemonolator for a lot of years. I thought it was 14, but I miscalculated. I was a Daemonolator for 10 years. I was counting to current time. Fucking DUH. Whoops!! I started worshiping Daemons. How did I go from worshiping Daemons to not? And just working with them on a “as needed” (or prn in medical terms, lol) basis? I don’t think *I* found Palo. My godfather said Palo is in my blood, I’m supposed to work with the Dead, be an espiritista, sell my wares, and work magic for others. It’s all in my readings. I started my studies of Palo in 2010.. Not to long after I stopped with the Daemons.

I still think Daemons are great. I don’t work with ALL of them like I used to. I have only been working with divination Daemons, mainly Astaroth and Delepitore. I also like all of the Ba’al Daemons and the Death Daemons. Do I worship them anymore? Nada. Do I respect them? Definitely.

Now that my skills are way better they were when I was a Daemonolator. I can visualize the Daemons and see them too. My divination skills are heightened. I use Daemonic oleums (oils) on my hands when I use my shells. Either Delepitore’s or Astaroth’s. Since I’m in Palo, I would use Lucero’s. but I have to come up with a better one.

I definitely like the Daemons, and I have a system of working with them. No blood offerings like Daemonolators. I still burn sigils though. I know some Goetia magicians think that’s not good, but no one I’ve ever known, myself included, has had any wrath from a burnt sigil. In fact, I get a  positive response and so do Daemonolators. I’ve never encountered an angry Daemon.

Leviathan will always be with me, as he’s my patron. I feel him around me, at times. I have his sigil tattoo on my upper arm. I don’t regret that tattoo, but my other tattoo, I kinda regret. It was the OFS’ mascot, Fred the infinity snake. (That’s what I call him, I don’t remember is official name, except for Fred)

I’m probably getting a new tattoo on my right lower arm, but it’s going to be something Palo related. Nothing confirming allegiance yet, just something cool. Maybe the Congo cosmogram, simplified version.

That’s all I have to write for now.


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  1. Great blog Jen. I’m glad that you mentioned Leviathan as L. Is one of the very few demons/daemons that I ever work with. I’m not a Demonolator as u already know but occasionally in the magickal context of Witchcraft or High Magick (Ceremonial magick) for those whom may not know as well. I like working with Astaroth at times too. As well as Lucifuge as well. Like you I love using Sigils and have never ever had any problems with them either. Also when I get more time I will email you about my 4 new private Demons/daemons. One is an Amalgam, 2actual spirits and one a fully self cognizant animal/a wolf. I’ve been using them on and off for just over 2 years now using some of the brilliant techniques from the Sorceress Cagliastro. I know that your not a fan of hers but some of her methods of bright! MHowever I have to agree to disagree when it comes to her. Without going into it in too much detail Blood ritual amongst other sacrifice on my part literally saved my Dad’s life. It’s still my most recent blog. So if u haven’t read it yet, check it out?
    I’m sure if you read a bit between the lines, you will figure out how I saved my Dad’s life. I won’t repeat it all here as its too long but TBH if not for figuring it out myself in the end my Dad would be dead. I can’t pass on what I did though as in the wrong hands it could be really dangerous. The Drs at his treating Hospital believe it or not? Kept on running up and down the corridors saying, “it’s a miracle it’s a miracle Mr. …. Should be dead but he’s alive. Then my Dad in the afternoon after finally becoming consciousness he said, “my daughter is a Witch. I knew she would save me, I just knew it”. In Witchcraft it was certainly my best result ever. Problem is some people think that I should be able to just drop everything and do it for them or their loved one. No way! It’s a forbidden for a reason. Also if it got into the wrong hands it could be dreadful! Also doing a magickal working like that takes so much out of the magickal practitioner….meaning me! A Mortality Spell is what it sounds like. A proper very old blood ritual from the 16th Century. Where the Witch or Mage literally gives in ritual a set amount of blood for their actual extra life span. One should only ever do this for somebody very close to them that they love because you are literally giving part your lifespan away. I specified the amount of years exactly, made a pact, and tell nobody the details….and I mean nobody. I find myself that you just need to refine bits of the Sorceress Cagliastro’s work. There is some of it I’d never ever do. However it’s worth studying as I believe that we can all learn something from all Occultists. Whether we’re a big fan of their work or not. There is never a stage where we know it all…not ever…ever.
    May the Daemons Bless Us All,
    Blessings & love,
    CazWytch ⭐️🌙❤️


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