Noticeable Changes With Life

I’ve been noticing some improvement in my energies. My psychic gift is so strong. I am still oil blending CRAZY right now. I’ve made several for different Palo forces. I have Mama Chola, which I offer on my Etsy site. I made some Zarabanda oil which turned out nice. My godfather loved both oils. One of my friends wears the Mama Chola oil all the time because he loves the smell of it. It’s not a feminine scent, it’s unisex. I just mixed Cobayende oil yesterday. Very earthy blend. The recipes for these oils a secret, but if you know scents, you can figure it out. The actual recipes just came to me. I don’t have anything from my godfather. Anyway…

Back to the changes…

I’ve had a lot of work to do lately! I have one job that is finishing up, and I just got a new job today. By Zarabanda, I feel blessed. Ha. Just had a thought. If you’re a Palero/a reading my blog, please don’t write to me saying “you can’t do this, you aren’t initiated.” I CAN do it. I HAVE been, and everything works and runs smoothly like a fine tuned McLaren. (It’s a British car, look it up)

I’ve been doing well most of the time – the work physically drains me a bit. But it’s not really that noticeable. I’m just happy to be doing work. It gets boring if I don’t have work to do.

I’m really getting more creative. Not really writing anything, just this blog. I may write more books. Who knows when something may crawl up my arse and I’ll get an idea. That happens A LOT.

Oh, haha. My godfather and I are having a discussion about hoodoo. How horribly convoluted it’s become, there’s no more power in it. I’m sure some people think hoodoo is the bomb. I used to practice it and got past it because it wasn’t doing much for me. I moved on to greater magics.


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