Right Now

At the current moment, I’m doing a lot of magical work. More than I’ve done in a long time. Actually stepping up, doing the ritual, you are putting out a ton of energy into yourself and the universe. Plus the client you are working for. You will find that the more you do, the more experience you gain, the easier things will become. Some people I’ve taught over the years wanted instant gratification or the “right now” syndrome. I’m sorry to have to tell people – it’s not like television witches or whatnot. It’s not instant, but it can be fast. I’ve had rituals work within two days. For this to happen, you have to either 1. be a natural magician 2. work exceptionally hard and 3. be deserving of what you are asking for. You don’t decide if you are deserving of the blessings or not. The higher power does. Or, if you like, God, by whichever name you call him/her.

I’ve been challenged with this work, but I enjoy it immensely. I love everything I have to assemble for the work. Incense, herbs, oils I make by hand, the fetishes I make for my clients. For example: I made a wind chime for one of my clients and it is very meaningful. And the products came from what I sourced in my own home, although the palos did come from a botanica I bought some months ago. I get creative when I’m working for clients. I don’t let their good money go to waste. I want to make sure that they get what they paid for.

Everything I do has a meaning. It’s called being mindful. Being mindful is taking time to realize what you are doing. An example of being mindful: While washing dishes, you say “I am washing the dishes.” You can use this in emotional regulation too. Take a few deep breaths and say: I am mindful that so-and-so pissed me off. I am really mad.” Let the anger dissipate. Consider self-Tonglen as described below:

How To:
1. Notice your suffering. Allow this to be a reminder that you can release that suffering through practice.
2. Still or center yourself for a moment. With a breath or two, find a calm place in your experience of the moment.
3. Notice the negative energy as a cloud around your physical body.
4. With your breath, draw that cloud of suffering into your body.
5. Holding your breath in your chest for a moment, center yourself in non-attachment, and allow the suffering to transform into peace.
6. Release your breath as an exhalation of peace and clarity.
7. Repeat for as long as needed to clear your suffering.

Self-Tonglen really works for me. I am hoping that it works for others. It’s never considered because it’s a “Eastern” thing, a Buddhist practice. We have a lot to learn from ALL cultures.

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from many different people over the years, in a variance of paths. And most of the things I’ve learned have not been through the internet. I fortunately learned through people and books. My generation is probably the last generation to really have the hunger for books and the ability to WAIT. Now everyone wants a quick tutorial on the internet, a already-built group to be initiated into instantly….you know what?

This knowledge isn’t supposed to be learned quickly. Magic and spirituality are a lifetime occupation. LIFETIME, friends. You may not get to be a High Priest or High Priestess, if you care about labels. Some people do care about labels too much. Their egos get tied into it and they end up becoming assholes that you can’t even talk to anymore – and they were once approachable and affable! Before the title, see. I do care a little bit about some labels because it shows people how much I know and what services I can provide. And that’s it folks.

You also need faith in yourself, faith in the beings you work with. These are all my ideas, things I’ve learned from time.

Think about the things I’ve said and ponder. If you have anything to say, go ahead and make a comment.



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