Random Ramblings: The Things I Make, The Way I Am

I’ve said lots of things about the things I make. The roots, flowers and herbs I mix somehow gain in power when I touch them. Here is a really important suggestion, that I hadn’t really thought about until I watched a video on Youtube, posted by a knowledgeable Santera and Witch.  To actually touch and cense our candles with proper incense, like proper church incense. Good ones are Jerusalem brand and Marvelous brand. For protection measures I add Dragon’s Blood, or for oomph as well. I just got some Siam Benzoin and it is wonderful! Smells like vanilla. Not like burning plastic, like Benzoin Sumatra. So I do favor the Siam Benzoin, and the energy is so much more lovey. I would suggest using Sumatra versions to ward the home with. It has just enough energy to ward homes against the the random possession. It happens.

Some random person is chosen because there is a psychic link someplace. Use that plastic smelling crap, Benzoin Sumatra. It really works for cleansing. Siam Benzoin seems to be more ceremonial. An attractant for spirits, I’ll tell you what. It can also cleanse all things used in magic. Magical tools, especially divination tools. The Dragon’s Blood that I burned was just as I remembered. An odd magical scent, can’t really accurately describe. But as I called upon Zarabanda, I knew the answer already.

I want to get something straight. When I call on other traditions I may seem harsh at times,but I’m attempting to be truthful and not represent who other people are. I’m here to represent myself. I do admit I have contacts with people that others would think, “no way” they wouldn’t still talk to her! If you don’t want to be my friend, you don’t have to be. But if you want to show up and learn something, you are welcome in my class, until you get too mouthy and show their asses off. I don’t teach anymore anyway – not unless the spirits tell me to. And the spirits haven’t really ok’ed anyone much. I had friend in Israel that meant a lot to me, but he just took off. I’ve taught a lot of people; witches, demonolators, etc. I don’t know if I’ll be a teaching Yaya later on. It all depends on my spiritual evolution.

Like right now, all the doors are opening. I can forsee a lot of things coming in my near future.



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