Random Ramblings: Amalgamation the Wrong Way

Ok, I think I saw the stupidest and one of the most dangerous things ever on the internet today. An “eclectic witch” who calls his tradition “Hekatean Voodoo.” Hecate (not Hekate) and the loa. Hmm. I’m no expert on Vodou. I couldn’t sit long enough to listen to this kids whiny voice to get through the video. I know enough about Vodou to know there are two kinds: Haitian (the TRUE kind) and NOLA. I don’t know what style he is mimicking. Why are people feeling the need to be SO eclectic that they include the loa their traditions? Trying to “tap into” the power of these traditions without following the religion, without initiation – which he admitted. Well, I say, fine – do it. Be prepared to pick up pieces of your ass later.

I know why people don’t initiate. It’s usually a few things. Either they can’t afford it, they learn that they truly aren’t destined for it, or they don’t want to commit. It’s usually the money issue. ATR’s cost money, unlike just being a crazy eclectic witch for free. The reason these religions cost money is to cover the costs of what is needed for the ceremonies. Animals, herbs, foods. And certain people do things during the ceremony and they get paid too. And – what needs to take place for the kid is a READING to see if he is even supposed to be doing what he does. Reason why? He could be pissing off some ancient beings and not realize it. The forces of nature being worked with could stop treating him so nicely. Just because something bad hasn’t happened to him yet, doesn’t mean it won’t.

The idea of this post is…don’t go around saying you do this and that unless you are educated. Sorry, this kid is not educated in the BASICS. Don’t mix Vodou with other things unless you’re educated. What’s next, Wiccan Palo?



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  1. Heh heh. The other day I discovered there are people who call themselves Pagan Christians and people who practice Christian Wicca. Not nearly as dangerous but I find it comical how people slap together the aspects of spirituality they like in order to circumvent that which they don’t.

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