Gone buggers with work!

Haha. Just a joke. I’m not buggers from work. I’m actually quite happy about it! Getting work done is nice, for myself and others. Having something to do to get my mind off of mundane matters is great. Regular life can be boring. Magical life is rather fun and slightly mysterious.

I’ve been doing so much lately. I made a Zarabanda oil awhile ago, opened it up yesterday and it had developed a great scent. Quite Martial smelling – a tad bitter but spicy. Sending some to my godfather, I think he’ll enjoy it. Zarabanda is his papa.

I’m worried about some work, because it’s complicated and it has to do with a government institution. The Veteran’s Administration.  I’m very pissed off at how they treat veterans who WEREN’T in combat. The doctor who examined Tom yesterday said the records identified his left hip as his trouble. Bollocks. It’s his right hip. It pops out of place all the time (he has a physical therapist through the VA who vouches for him but it’s not enough). His L3 is bulging badly. And the compensation doctor is trying to prove it’s not service connected. He was a dick. He kept calling Tom “buddy” when Tom would get upset. See, Tom had a partial parachute malfunction. He landed on his tailbone. With his M16 bulging out of it’s case and into his arm. He had nothing to break his fall. This doctor was even doubting that Tom was a paratrooper!! He was on a “fast track” program when he went into the military. The doctor was like, ‘how did you even have enough time to jump out of an airplane, you weren’t in very long?’ I mean, what a fucking asshole!!!! He was infantry, 82nd Airborne. He got his wings and French Fourragere, wtf does this doc know? He even has a goddamn raspberry beret, and that’s before EVERYONE got berets.


Here is Tom’s beret on my son’s head, taken in 2011. (He’s MUCH bigger now!)



I pray to Cobayende that we nail it on the psychological examination.

Well, I went off into a rant. Oh well…maybe I’ll post something later on. 🙂



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