Maybe Videos

I have a really nice webcam now, and I’ve wanted to attempt more videos. The bummer part is that my glasses have a lot of glare from my lamp. I probably can get some natural light, but not much. And the most pressing thing is…

What do I talk about in videos? Anyone have ideas?

I’ll talk Bruja’s, magic, spells, Demons, herbs, spirits, Espiritismo, spirit pots, ancestors. What I will not address is Palo. I will not take that road and for good reason. I have no opinion. I’m a student, it works for me, I love it. Great. That’s all I’m gonna say.

If anyone has a video request that is feasible, I may do those.

If anyone gets pissed at me on Youtube and tries to troll me in comments, all comments will be disabled. I will not let that nonsense happen.

I will be making a completely NEW channel for this.

And note here: I do smoke cigarettes, and probably will in my videos. If you don’t like it, stuff it. And don’t watch. I’ll also have my traditional batcave look, because why? If you’re going on camera, you might as well look good! There will be times I’ll be sans makeup. I don’t like it always. I have a tendency to rub my eye and …oh shit!


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