SM Deal

I’m not going to make this practice public, I’m just going to give a little info about what I’m experimenting with. SM is Santisima Muerte. I have not worked with her in a very long time. I had no intentions. For this Samhain, I felt like taking out her statues and something happened. I’m just going to say that I might work with her, but only under MY terms. I’m MAKING rules. I won’t be her bitch. I’ve done divining and she is quite agreeable. Gone with the X-tian prayers. Gone with the ridiculous Tributa, Amparo and Manda. Yes, there is payment. But no, we do not need to do these superstitious things. For one, the Tributa is superstitious. Oooh, a spooky invitation. The Amparo…you don’t need anymore goddamn saints. The Manda – you can substitute 12 candles with one 7 day candle. I agree with the copal, the dimes and such. There is one reason, and one reason ONLY that she is in my life – to watch my father.

I have a different way. I have written it up. SM has accepted it. I have bubbles in glasses. I have a positive presence. I’m not sharing any practices or things I do, recipes, nothing. This is the only page. Sorry folks. You can still buy my oils on Etsy.


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