Work with Demons

I don’t talk about this often because it’s not really anyone’s business what I do. Until I open my big fat mouth, er, type it on my blog. Hah!

At first, I was primarily working with Astaroth, but now I’m working with Delepitore too. I came up with a all out bonkers recipe for her oleum. It is just out of this world. It’s her sorcery oleum, but taken to new heights with ingredients that push the divinatory capability to a huge degree. I added the bone of a very wise bird, and that helps exponentially. The scents I added just drove the recipe over a new peak.

I use chamalongos for yes/no questions, and I always rub my hands with Delepitore or Astaroth oleum. Every time I cast cards, one of their oleums is on my hands. I also have Lucero oil that I use for divination as well, no duh. But I work with these feminine Demons because I always had an affinity for them.

So this is primarily for divination and nothing much else. I’m not working with them for love or sorcery. I work with a mpungo for that. Always the devoted Palera.

I will be making these oleums FOR SALE soon.


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