Random Ramblings: Something to think about

“Faith manifests itself in daily life. Daily life, in turn is the stage upon which we show proof of faith. True human victory and happiness are attained through the earnest and steady  day-to-day efforts we make. The pattern of our lives, like that of the sun, may seem monotonous and routine, but there is nothing more profound than our daily endeavors. Achieving brilliant victory in our daily lives is what is being victorious in faith is all about”.  –Nichiren Buddhist text.

I’m seeing more and more faith arising in me. And there is proof of it. I’m more productive. I don’t neglect my spirits. They DO what I ask them to. There have been dry periods, but not many. I’m very active. Plus I get loud bellows from a Mpungo or a muerto to give them attention NOW. I’m never upset by this – I know it is a part of having relationships with a Mpungo or a muerto. I always do exactly what they say. I get simple things like can I have more rum? Or some kind of song or ceremony. I certainly work my own way with a Mpungo. You could say I’ve been in Hermetic magic in my life and it pops out when I need them, I didn’t know the “right” way to talk to African spirits. Now they communicate not just only talk, but feeling. I “get” feelings better than analyzing. Images, feelings, thoughts that aren’t my own. I always sense shit. And sometimes I get tired of it. But all and all, in the end, I have faith in these beings, faith in the Dead, so they’re going to show themselves to me and I live with it.

Faith does not equal being blind. It’s something that just happened to me because I actually experienced the divine and believe in it. So, no reason for blind faith. I challenge people out there to test their religions/spirituality. Does it bounce back and show you that it is alive? Palo does that. But it’s REALLY NOT for everyone. Just because it “sounds neato” doesn’t mean that it is okay. There are no homosexuals allowed in Palo. Sorry, this is just the way it’s always been. I am not a hater. If someone wants to argue with me, take it up with a Tata. I’m just following the rules. If you are a munanso that allows homosexuals, I kinda question you.

There is a lot of traditionalism in African Traditional Religions. Women cook. Men kill animals, sit and talk. We all dance. In my munanso, I’m allowed to sacrifice, to sing. There are some munansos, usually more Cuban in nature, that don’t let women do much at all. My house is more Congo, if you can classify it that way.

Well, I have to go write some people. Later.

If you have a problem with my post, don’t tell me. I don’t care. I’ll just delete and not even read it.


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