Spiritual Work Day

Ever since I woke up today, it’s been a spiritual day for me. I’ve been up reading, creating oil blends, getting things ready for my new client. I re-made my Delepitorae oil because I made the mistake of dying it. Don’t dye things, friends!! Keep the natural color of the product. Keep the goddamn glitter out of it too! I made a smashingly great attraction oil. The smell is arousing for both men and women. I also made a great banishing oil. I’ve been on an herb kick for awhile now. Ideas are popping out of my head. I’m so excited to have given the offering to Zarabanda and having a client show up the next day! (I did some previous work with him, he just needed the offering).

I’ve been divining a lot, talking to the spirits and Lucero. Things are going so well. Even on a waning moon phase, I can do anything! I honestly hope that everyone in my audience understands that YOU can do this too! Just with some practice, some patience, and believing in YOURSELF.



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