Random Ramblings: Just a post

I find it kind of interesting that I’ve come so far in the past five years. It was predicted in my Da’fa reading (a special reading done by a Babalawo, an Ifa Priest – not Ocha). I’ve been told things my whole life and never believed things. It was definitely my self-esteem. Someone would say, “Hey, great reading!” Then I’d still be full of doubt. My confidence is now building quite well, sometimes I may sound too gung ho about myself. But I think I deserve it for feeling so bad all the time in the past.

I know there are some certain *people* that still haunt my blog here and there. It’s not necessary for them to do this. Unless they are jealous of my wonderful spiritual practice.

I had an incident I was not going to post, but here goes…someone must have tried to use their mojo on me or it got misdirected and also hit me. I know this because one night, my ancestor candle in glass broke into pieces. No wax was on my altar, but the candle was busted completely. My godfather says that means my ancestors were protecting me and took the hit for me.

And I was called an idiot by someone who is lesser than I. I’m not a High Priestess yet, but I will be functioning at a fuller capacity once I’m initiated as an Espiritista.

Oh, I did try to fix my shells, but I couldn’t. They need to go. I’m getting newer and better ones. 🙂


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