What’s Goin’ On

So what’s going on in my life? What am I reading about? Influenced by?

I’m going to make my shells work properly at least until I get my new set from my godfather. They can go wonky after awhile if not taken care of. I took care of them, but they just went wonky anyway. They need to be fed. And since I’m not initiated yet, so I’m not using menga to feed them. Menga is blood. From animals that were sacrificed for a purpose.

I received a recipe (I often do by psychic impressions/channeling) the other night and it took awhile to figure out what it was for. It was for my shells! I added red palm oil upon Lucero’s request.

I’ll write on here if they begin to work correctly again, or if they don’t.:)

What’s going on…

I’m reading a book on channeling. It’s kind of New Agey but it’s basically good material. I am listening to a lot of chakra meditations during the day. I need to recharge my ancient little iPod and listen to some chakra meditation at night too,when I go to bed.

I’m posting my small world for all to see. The reason why? Because I don’t mind. These altars constantly change, so there is no worry. The whole idea behind my blog is to be HONEST, OPEN, and TRUE. What I do at my altar is no one’s business, I don’t post the most intimate details.

Here is my cluttered and spiritually charged space. It’s a vortex of energy.

photo 1  photo 2  photo 3photo 4

Doesn’t look like a magical temple with super clean surroundings. This is my mess. The spirits love my room. They love my mess! They have accepted me. The altars are clean. I know they are there. 🙂 I have packages of different herbs all around, three bins of things I use regularly. I didn’t take a picture of all of the candles I have. LOL.

Sharing a lot of myself tonight!

I’m listening to a lot of The Damned, obviously. My favorite song is “I Just Can’t Be Happy Today,” the Peel version. I’m sure I posted it someplace in my musical taste posts. I am charging up my iPod tonight for some chakra meditation. 🙂 Thank goodness for Youtube as well as the meditations I own.

I mostly only have online friends and friends in my hometown. Eugene is a hole. It’s not where I want to live, but we don’t have any choice right now. My husband is unemployed at the moment, but he’ll be getting a job soon. I have a feeling. He almost got one but he wanted more pay and they wouldn’t budge. $9.00 an hour for some ridiculous job that is worth a lot more.

Heh. I still recommend DirecTV for television, but not as a workplace. My hubby was treated like crap. 8 years, 1 raise in pay. Senior technician, no recognition. Hey, I rhymed!

My life is basically in service to the spirits. As an Espiritista, that’s my duty, my law and creed. When I receive my Espiritista initiation, I will be known as Lady Prado, instead of Bruja Prado. When I make Yaya, I will be Yaya Prado. Keeping my name.:)

Well, that’s just a peek into my brain at the moment.


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  1. Hi Jen,
    I’ve been back reading your blog starting from the most recent and now I’m back to here. Sorry it’s taken so lucky long but first my hubby was really ill and then me, and then him all over again. I haven’t been emailing to anyone because sometimes life just sends out a few too many challenges to deal with. But we’re all fine now and hope that you both are too.

    Also I’ve found everything that you’ve written very interesting indeed. I’ve also found some gems like this one here featuring your altars which look really great. I thought I’d read everything this far back but obviously I was very, very wrong. I can see that there’s a lot of spiritual energy there. I think that’s because I’m an Empath which my Mum told me about when I was only in Primary school. Long long before I became interested in the occult, belief systems, religions and witchcraft etc.

    Also very interesting to find that you’ve been recording some videos too now. So I will be checking them out when I have some time to myself. Probably on this weekend depending on how many there are. I’ve been meaning to make more videos on my poor old channel, but haven’t for ages. As you know like you, I suffer from chronic pain every single day of my life for the last 15 years, which doesn’t exactly make keeping to any type of schedule easy.

    Anyway on a lighter and happier note we’re all going out tomorrow night to see a very ungothy artist “Elton John”. But you’ve gotta remember I was born at the tail end of the baby boomers way back in 1963. But we’ve both always loved Elton John and he’s such a great showman too. So we’re really looking forward to seeing him in Adelaide tomorrow night. Yay! BTW I didn’t know that you had another blog featuring lots of your favourite music and stuff which I reckon is great! Good on you girl!😘

    I was a Goth long before there was the term. I was listening to Black Sabbath and Bowie etc. long before The Cure ever came out. I’d say that I’m quite a bit older than your Bro but closer to your Mum’s age as we’ve discussed before about her. BTW I love Bowie’s “Low” album as well. Most Bowie fans don’t like it as much do they? However I love it’s chameleon type synchronicity with all the different instruments on the album. I also love Bowie’s album “Station to Station”. Along with the track “Wild as the Wind” off the same album by Bowie being my favourite song in the entire world.

    But like you, my friends and I were never obsessed with the Cure either. We actually preferred Adam Ant, lol, & Duran Duran. I loved Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry) even when he went solo & saw him live. Very sexy with some similarities at times to Vayne from “The Damned”. As well as The Police and still loved/love Sting even though he’s solo. I saw him live performing with the Police and then saw him twice more when he was solo. Sting is such a brilliant performer and song writer. I was lucky when I was young because I got to see so many bands and solo artists.

    My Dad luckily was/is a musician by profession so he totally understood my obsession with music. Then I married young, had my 2 kids back in the mid 1980s. Then I became so busy being a new Mum, housewife, student and stage actress mainly. Then divorce, along with my successful Govt. career kept me busy for the entire 1990s. Along with juggling my family life as a single Mum, as well as my shift work, along with my newly purchased home of my own and my social life and responsibilities of being a full time Mum exhausted me.

    Unfortunately at that time I no longer had any spare time or the spare money for me to just indulge my love of seeing my favourite Musos/bands/singers & stageshows live. But now I feel that it’s “my time now, again” especially when we go to see artists that we’ve both admired my entire life.

    However when the Bauhaus first came out my friend’s and I thought that they were fantastic. As well as being so obsessed with the movie “The Hunger”. I don’t like all Goth music as my taste in music is very eclectic as u know already. Also when Goth was just beginning I already had one new baby.I only ever got to go out to parties and Clubbing etc. was on the weekend when my parent’s or his Mum were babysitting.

    He (my exhusband) wasn’t into dressing goth or just all black etc like I did. No wonder we ended up divorced hey. I used to love to go out clubbing in the 1980’s wearing tight black shiny black material with the typical see through black sheer material with diamanté’s. Which I would shape into a moth, cat, bat or skull or something. Lol My husband of nearly 20 years used to be totally into Ska and Reggae when he was younger. That’s because he was a £10 English migrant to Australia as part of our then migration policy. Most of his friend’s were skinheads but not rascist one’s like overseas. As he had /has friend’s of all different races, cultures and belief systems. Now that he’s older obviously he grew out of being a Skinhead because as he says himself it was just to fit in. You know….just remember what teenage clicks are like. Lol

    Then heaps of heavy silver and/or gold jewellery that suited the look. I then used to put on such heavy makeup and such dark black eyeliner, that my Dad used to make some horrible comments sometimes. He found that look very hard to take especially coming from such a Christian family. My hair natural blonde that I used to tease up into big hair used to look really good. classical.

    I just love nearly all genres of music from classical to rock n’ roll & heavy metal, electronica/trance, new wave and even much newer bands too. Not just from the 70s and 80s. Anyway I’ll stop here as I can chat about music genres forever.😆 Lol I love Muse, 69 Eyes, Emilie Autumn, Type O Negative and Inkubbus Sukkubus as well. We should have a chat on Skype or something as there is so much that I’m sure we’d like to share. However it all gets too much to write about sometimes. This reply I’m thinking of putting in as a blog on my blog? Hope that’s all ok? As often I get ideas writing in replies at times.

    Sorry that it’s been so quiet from me but I’m behind with everything especially as it’s nearly Xmas too. Yikes! We also have 3 family birthdays right before Xmas too. One being my husband’s too. We also went and saw Robbie Williams on October 13th and seriously he was/is one of the best artist’s I’ve ever seen live in concert. He’s just a few years younger than me but “wow” he’s such a sexy, muscley and he loves to say “bollocks” as well. Being English himself it’s not surprising is it. Lol He also has the typical Brits “dry sense of humour”. Lol

    As well as those concerts we had tickets to see AC/DC just over a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately my husband and I both became really ill. So at the last minute virtually we couldn’t go and my hubby’s bro had to sell our tickets for us. We were very disappointed not to go that’s for sure. Especially as Angus is one of the best guitarists in the world, but I personally still prefer Keith Richard’s. Anyway – Life always has its ups and downs doesn’t it! Lol We missed AC/DC but we got to see the Rolling Stones. If we had missed them I probably would’ve had a breakdown.

    On another topic; I sincerely hope that your “partner” has had all of his SSI problems sorted out by now? It makes me so angry when Governments anywhere don’t treat our Veterans properly as it just ain’t right. I hope that he’s being paid and treated with the respect and dignity that he preserves.

    I can think of lots to tell you but I don’t think it’s all appropriate to all share on here. I will email you later this week. However it would help me if I knew which email you’d prefer me to use? So if you could perhaps send me a short email to let me know which address to write to. Especially as I still have some ideas that may suit a Stregha or Bruja and/or Witch etc. as well. I’m not exactly sure of the working and can’t remember if I mentioned it all to you or not? Anyway one thing I can tell you is that I certainly don’t condone mixing working with “Hekate” and any Hoodoo or Loa’s together!!! Like I read in one of your blogs earlier. How darn stupid are some people. Lolol Some people actually deserve a swift kick up the ass by “the powers that be”. I couldn’t believe it when I read that bit…..sigh…..gee some people are stupid aren’t they.

    Like you, I too have learnt the old fashioned by actually reading, studying and practicing all kinds of occult practices for myself. I have a huge bookshelf, cupboards, boxes and drawers full of books everywhere around our home. I’ve always been a bibliophile since I was a small child and always will be. My husband awhile back put a lot of my older books not occult books. But mostly no longer read old fiction books of all genres in our shed. As even though we have a fairly large house we often run out of room for all my books. It’s really time for us to have a Garage Sale…..perhaps after Xmas?

    Well Jen I’ve nearly written a short book by now. Lol So I’m going to stop now as living 2 hours away from the city, we’ve got a really big day and night and 2 hours each way in the car there and back tomorrow. Or should I saw tomorrow. I meant to tell you these days when I go out I wear Goth gear that’s fitting for my age of course. Many of my little local real life friend’s say to me things like, “wow you look so alternative”, or “you look just how some of us used to go out when we were young”, or “you look like a rocker chick”, or “Do you remember the Goth scene? You look goth to me”. Then I say, ” thanks so much for the compliment”. Lol only problem with doing fancy makeup tomorrow is that it’s gong to be 37C or 100F. So thick goth makeup can melt and we have daylight saving. Which means it’s light until 9pm and darn hot.

    Well wish me luck!
    Many Blessings,
    Love Caz. 😍🌙⭐️ Xoxo


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