Techniques of Magic – My Version

Here is a small discourse on how I do my magic. I don’t think I do anything that different than other magicians. I believe it is my ‘natural power’ that makes things work so well.

  • I always have all of the elements present in my rituals. That is Earth, Air, Fire, Water. I have physical representations, not “calling on the watchtowers” or anything of that sort. I don’t need it. I use incense for Air. Candles for fire, glasses of water for Water, and a pentacle or dirt for Earth. I believe these are the necessary foundations for successful magic. Balance you could say.
  • I typically do not plan my rituals. But if I really need to, I will plan the planetary hour if I need something important, right now. I have planned days, moon cycles, astrological signs, holidays, and all of that before. I found that to be too much. Planning a planetary hour is accurate enough for most of my workings. If I need to begin something, I like to start on Mondays if it’s necessary. So, I’m a person who does spontaneous work whenever I want to. If it pops into my mind, I do it. Magical work for other people is slightly different. I’ll still do it when I want to, but more planning goes into it.
  • Visual Tools – I like using sigils or firmas when I do my magic. These symbols are highly effective for me because they call upon a different energy within me and I fall into the sigil or firma. Once I fall into it, I’m merged. Merging with these symbols creates a strong energy (for me, at least). I release that energy into the cosmos with my intentions. Some sigils I burn. And later on, I will learn to set firmas aflame on the ground with gunpowder (that is a Palo practice).
  • Candles – Yes, I love to work with candles because they work quickly. They are easy and effective. I use the 7 day glass candles the most. They are easy, you can write on the outside if them, you can poke a hole in them and add oils (carefully or you will flood them). I rarely work with black candles. The reason being, I have to order them online. I can’t find them in my small town. But you can use white for any purpose. I use lots of white candles for various purposes. The energy from candles is immense. No doubt, the fire element is strong and effective. Just because my magic works with candles does not mean I work with ‘low magic.’ I hate those labels.
  • Herbs and oils – I have always loved plant magic. My godfather loves what I make for him to sample. If you make your own oils, they are very powerful. Learning to mix plants with the right intentions is one gift that I use a lot of. Oils and plants add tremendous Earth energy; and if you add them to a candle, then you have Fire and Earth working together.
  • Water – I keep at least a few glasses of water on my altars. This encourages spirits and spiritual activity. Clean, clear wine glasses work just fine. It’s best if you can see through the glass. If the water is cloudy, that is not good. It’s time to clean them out. To clean them, hand wash them in hot water. Or, if you make your own wash, use that. I have a special mixture that I use for my boveda glasses.
  • Work with the ritual at least three times a day. If you are doing a big working, work with it three times a day. I don’t really *have* to do this. But I do anyway so my clients get the most out of my work for them. So it’s about three hours a day. Or more…or less…
  • The most important of all things – clear mind, meditation, visualization. I worked hard on my techniques. This didn’t come naturally to me. I had a lot of crap in my mind, floating around. Thoughts going willy nilly. You have to learn to control those. Control the input and the output of your mind. When learning to meditate, you don’t have to have “no thoughts.” You need to acknowledge the thought and let it go. Visualizing may be easier. You can think of anything to visualize. A food item, a lover, whatever. When you’re working magic, you have to make a visualization that goes along with the goal. Try to make it as if the goal has already come true.
  • Remember, magic in itself is NOT spiritual. It can be made spiritual. And it can be more powerful if you have spirit behind your magic. Any form of spirit – whether it is a deceased loved one helping you, a force of nature, or deity. I work with the Dead and the Demons.

Well, this is what I have for now.


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