This new Autumn, is leaving me reflective. The second Rite to Leviathan, in the religion of Demonolatry. I remember it because my patron is Leviathan. I finished one of my important rituals. I do not celebrate the Demons anymore though.

I have really progressed. My psychic senses have really gotten a million-fold better since 2010. As I’ve said before, I’m a walking portal, basically. I try not to be so open, but I find myself picking up energy wherever I go. Spirits want to talk to me a lot and I’m just not fine tuned enough to have all of that energy coming at me and being able to separate it really well. I do have some weaknesses, I’m not full on Miss Gung Ho like that ‘become a living god’ guy. I have gifts beyond his self-centered rantings though.

I feel bad for any Palero who might initiate him. Yikes. Well, I’m not saying he’s bad or anything – he just takes things really far, and the training in Palo won’t be fast enough for him, unless he finds a house in which does fast initiations without any fear of repercussions. If you have the money, they’ll do it. Doesn’t mean you’ll have the right power and energies.

Well, I have to get ready for an appointment.


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