A Message To An Ass (RANT)

Well well well, you petulant ass. You think you can mess with me and get away with it? Nope. My ancestors protected me and so will others. You have a little power, emo jerk? Hahahah. Not enough to get past me. That Demon shit does not affect me at all. All it did was break my glass candle, with no mess of any sort.

Eh, and those fuckers running Sacred Magic”k” need to get rid of my writings or all hell will break loose. You all know who you are and you hate me. Wahhh. So what?? Do I care? No. I wasn’t going to even post about it but I am bored right now.

The old shit is SO beyond me. I don’t care about your little petty games anymore. I don’t want to be into Demons. Yes, I am proud of my talents. Is that a fucking crime? Are you scared cos I’m more powerful than you? Haha. I bet. Whoever has tried to bother me needs to go to hell. I don’t want any battles in my life. And my godfather will take out the big guns if you don’t leave me alone.

Just go hide in mommy’s house and leave me alone.


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