Happy Equinox! (Tomorrow)

I know all of us are celebrating the Equinox on different days. Technically, it’s tomorrow (Wednesday). I have been celebrating the Equinox for a few days. Praying for jobs, really. I need to work. I’m bored, have so much magical energy, and can only release it in so many ways. I love working for others. I feel like I have to work for others, it’s a duty, but it is a good duty. I was actually thinking of doing a “Go Fund Me.” I’m led to earn the money myself though. And I believe I’d be scorned and laughed at if I did pull such a stunt.

I have work going for myself right now. I always do, it seems. My blocks have been broken, thanks to Lucero. And Lucero will continue to protect me.

I made some oils over the last month. I’ve made some for Lucero. Also, for Zarabanda, Cobayende, Nsasi, and Mama Chola. I sent my Mama Chola oil to my godfather and he said it was great! I wonder if I can be initiated into the herbal mysteries of the ATRS.






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