What about Necrosophy & Spirit Pots now?

I wrote the book on my own take of Necrosophy and introduced my version of the Spirit Pot.  So I guess I’m not writing a lot about these things anymore because I’m not using a Spirit Pot any longer. But that’s just ME. That doesn’t mean you can’t. Everything I wrote is still valid and workable. I wasn’t very spiritual when I was working the pot. It’s not a religious practice, unless you add deities. But PLEASE don’t try to add Palo forces in there because it won’t work and it can be quite dangerous for a newbie. Students of Palo, such as myself have a godfather of whom we work through. They put protection upon initiates so we can practice what we need to. So we can learn successfully. The Necrosophic practice is for everyone and you don’t really need a bunch of training, you also do not need a godfather or any initiations. I wrote those books for solitary practitioners. Palo is not a solitary practice, it just isn’t.

While there are quite a few similarities to Spirit Pots and Ngangas, they are NOT the same. You CANNOT make your own nganga, simple as that. Your godparent assembles it after you have been initiated for awhile. And they are not cheap. A Spirit Pot, assembled correctly, should cost about $200. If it’s less than that, you’re doing something wrong.

There are ingredients in which I have not fully mentioned here yet. I don’t really want to mention them on the internet. It’s sensitive information. I would ONLY give the information by WORD of MOUTH. Not digitally. Email me at disirdevi@hotmail.com, maybe we can chat on the phone. 🙂


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