Some more love contemplation…

I’m just thinking how neat it will be to be an initiated Espiritista and have a Lucero. I think, quite literally, Lucero is going to open my roads to new things, people, places.  I have this new feeling. It’s powerful, and it’s exciting. If anyone has noticed, I have marked my prices down on several things on Etsy. And if you don’t want to mess with Etsy, you can always email me personally instead. I take Paypal, money orders and cashier’s checks. I really only need the money to buy the supplies for your ritual. And I make little for profit.

I’m REALLY serious about love magic. You probably won’t find anyone as serious as me (most other workers do NOT put time into it, they get a kit and preform it with lacking results). I plan on doing some old methods, like honey jars, which are rather “hoodoo” in origin. But I’m in an African religion, so I don’t see why I can’t experiment. I’m not trying to bash hoodoo at all. I just think it’s a new fad now and I don’t like fads. Everyone and their mother is on the the bandwagon and they are mixing things that shouldn’t be mixed.

This is for my betterment and for Mama Chola’s respect and love. It’s for MY healing.

Whatever your love wishes are you can count on me to help. Email for a consultation.


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