Random Ramblings: Some More Plans

Hi blog readers,

While my travel plans aren’t definite yet, my other plans are. I am so pleased. I love my godfather, he is awesome. I’ll be getting my initiation into Espiritismo, and my Lucero when I visit him. I have some plans to work intensively with Mama Chola and love. And my unresolved issues with my mother. So, anyone who is interested in love workings – come to me and I’ll be able to help. The intensive work with Mama Chola will probably begin near December or January, maybe sooner – hopefully, if all goes as planned. Can’t plan the weather. I have to fly out of state, though not that far, and the climate isn’t that snowy usually in the NW. This year of weather has been strange though here, so I can’t predict the winter. 😛

Now, I can still do love work with Mama Chola, but I’m going to be using special lamps for her later on. And I’m making a special commitment to her. My godfather has made a commitment to Lucero for certain things and so, this idea came from his. But the love work came from me initially, as you all have noticed from reading my blog.

Remember – price is negotiable. I’m not setting definite prices on magic anymore unless my godfather tells me to.

Let me tell you about Mama Chola a bit. She is similar to Oshun, the Orisha from Ifa and Santeria. Beautiful, sweet, loving. She likes to shower love and money on her devotees. But Mama Chola isn’t exactly the same as Oshun. She has an edge to her. She is not this horrible vulture as Frisvold says in his book, ” In the Garden of Blood and Bones.” But she can become bitter and unloving if she’s not treated well. If she is treated with love and respect, she will always be by your side. She likes honey too, like Oshun. But the pataki (legend/story) about Oshun being poisoned with honey does not apply to Mama Chola. You don’t have to taste her honey offerings. Mama Chola’s day of the week is Friday (Venus) of course. She loves copper, brass and gold, the number 5 and it’s multiples, her palo is the Cinnamon stick or Canela, in Spanish. Her flower is the Buttercup (Boton de Oro). Other flowers: Sunflowers, marigolds/calendula. Herb: Chamomile, Witch’s Grass. She loves yellow, amber (the color, the stone, the resin), and even orange. Fruits sacred to her: Pumpkins, oranges. She likes gourds. She rules over love, sensuality, fertility, flirtation, money drawing and she is very protective of her children (those who are initiated unto her).

This is not a complete description by any means. If you think it’s inaccurate, kiss me arse. I’ve been using these correspondences forever and she loves me, never has corrected me or been mad at me. Another note on Frisvold’s book: It’s not the be all, or end all to Palo books in English. He describes Mama Chola to be this almost horrible creature, and she’s not. He’s insulting her. The deal with her and homosexuality, well, that is debatable I guess. I have no problems with homosexuality like some Palero/as do. As for the rules in my munanso, I have asked my godfather. No homosexuality is allowed into our munanso.

Anyway, I’m so excited! And ready to work.

Here is a quote from a Nichiren Buddhist that I like about goals:

“This lifetime will never come again; it is precious and irreplaceable. To live without regret, it us crucial for us to have a concrete purpose and continually set goals and challenges for ourselves. It is equally important that we keep moving toward specific targets steadily and tenaciously, one step at a time.”


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