Busy with Spirits

I’ve been pretty busy doing my work and trying to write in this blog. I have tons of handwritten material, which most of it will not be released to the public. Anyway, just sitting here with a nice purple candle and some meditation incense. I need to go out to the woods and do an offering. I’ve been experimenting and working with mpungo that I never have before. And I think I’m going to get more positive results because I know I’m doing it right. I don’t need the books at all, even with firmas. Most people stumble along to the books and try to do whatever it states in the books, like in Wicca or something. You don’t have to be perfect, just give the ideas to the mpungo who feels close to you, or who has been divined as your parents in Palo. Things always can change at your rayamiento (scratching). But I’m pretty sure that my parents are correct and that I possibly have a loa in my spiritual court.

In that post about finding a Tata, get that reading done. You can find out who your mpungo are. But…wait. Isn’t there something more important than the mpungo? YES. What is that everyone? Can I hear it loudly? ANCESTORS! If you don’t want to know about them, research about them, or even honor them, GTFO my page and search for a different religion, twat.

I’m not going into an ancestor lecture here. If you’ve been here enough, you know how I feel about my muertos. So important. I’m partly in communication with the Demoness Delepitore, right now. I invoked her to help me write a post that wasn’t just completely droll.

Well, our weather has taken up being hot again, so I’m going to vamoose to my laptop where it’s cooler.

I really need some jobs. Readings, magic.


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