Utter Entrancement

I’m just so amazed that I’m allowed access to these wonderful beings known as kimpungulu (plural for mpungo) are actually working with me. And kind of in a ‘in my face’ kind of way, too. They aren’t like working with deities or “gods.” As I’ve said, they are in nature, ruling trees, vegetation, rivers, the ocean, the mountains, the woods, the crossroads, etc. Not at ALL saying they are gentle nature beings! They become very hot. Water is used to cool them down, especially if you have a nganga. Of course, assistance from your muerto(s) is essential too.

I’m entranced by the energy and power I feel from them. It’s so tangible. It’s more than I’ve ever felt before. They are way more palpable then the Demons. It’s like a thick and heavy presence, but not uncomfortable. I get that tickling on my head and it gets hot, along with my ears. I know that its them.

When my ancestors are around, I get signs in the candle on the altar, usually. I get a ring pattern in the glass. This means many spirits are about.

I don’t know if I’m working through my godfather’s ashe, but I think a big part of it is my ashe. The important thing is, now I know my path. I’m enchanted by it. Palo is beautiful.



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