New Oil on Etsy

I have a Door’s inspired (in name and spirit) oil called “Break On Thru (To The Other Side).” This oil will transform visions. It will make you have an intense experience with any type of divination, possession, dreams, and if used regularly, it will enhance your psychic abilities. This oil can also be used to see faeries/nature spirits and interact with them. Caution: Contains Digitalis. I’m not fond of using poisonous herbs, but this one is relatively safe unless you have known heart or low blood pressure problems. This herb was grown from seed in my garden.

This oil is very precious. Either 2 drams or 1.7 oz.of it is being offered. Contains other essential oils that open up abilities and is quite pungent.

2 drams – $15.00

1.7 oz. $30.00 Waiting on shipment of bottles

The 1.7 oz is a lot of oil, but it keeps. It’s in an amber bottle. The 2 drams are clear bottles, so you must keep it in dark place in a black pouch or cloth.


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