It’s something I’m undying-ly active about. There is this stuff we need all of a sudden, and boom! The muertos start talking to me, and they tell me who to go to, like they know the religion too. I guess our ancestors just know our feelings. And when we do rituals to them, for honor and veneration, and they just come to me and give me hints. Here! Look in that book. Or I’ll just get names in my head, that’s what’s constant. If we need something, another part of my head switches open and this knowledge pops out. I go to my godfather ALL the time, seeking references, testing my feelings and reading of the spirits/mpungo and I turn out to be right. Like the ritual I did for my husband to get unemployment. I heard “Mama Chola” and my ideas just opened up after that, and then I was talking to my godfather and Zarabanda told him that this would work. I’m getting confirmations all the time.

So when I’m initiated into Palo formally, I think I will be a kick ass Yaya someday.


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  1. Hi Jen,
    I have no doubt that you will make a very “kick ass Yaya” indeed but as you already know you already have so many spiritual gifts already! To me labels are not important but whom we truly are “spiritually” inside. As well as those of us whom truly understand the “world of the spirits behind the veil”. This can not always be taught by just books or a teacher. Some of us can easily go beyond this mortal realm and Some people can’t for so many various reasons. For those of us whom do have this gift of truly being a “Seer” we can often feel isolated as we live with one foot in this mortal world and the other foot resides on the “other side of the veil”. We can try to get other “mundanes” to understand us. However sometimes people either revere our abilities or they fear it. Sad but often true I’ve found.
    As you know my practice is quite different from yours but you’d be surprised at the similarities. As like you I revere my Ancestors always and sadly not enough Witches/Mages/Spiritualists or Occultists do. Apart from Samahain/Day of the Dead/Halloween and then that’s when they all do and then for the rest of the year too many then forget them. I find that to me to ignore my ancestors would not only be ungrateful for their lives and sacrifices, but would also be “disempowering” to me as a Witch/Occultist and therefore my own magickal practice. How magickal practitioners of all pursuasions can ignore their Ancestors is behind my comprehension. Why? Because my own are with me all the time and at times they literally change my life for the better and always help me when I really need them. I’m sure that you agree as you work with your Ancestors always I know that for sure.
    Also sorry it’s been quiet from me as I’ve really busy with my grandchildren lately and a great “girl’s night out” where I ordered the hugest cocktail that Ive ever had. It was the size of a large fish bowl and gee was it darn potent. Lol As well as some niggling health issues that are being dealt with. But the specialist Dr’s gap payment was so disgustingly huge that we really couldn’t believe it! Also of course like you, my own magickal practice always takes a lot of my time also. I’ve been working on a few magickal projects lately and so far I’m happy to say, very good. One in particular for a family member has worked so quickly that even I’m surprised by it’s speed and accuracy.
    I hope that your husband gets a job ASAP especially now that you’ve done your ritual. I’m sure that your Ancestors will help him of course.
    BTW I’d thought that you’d closed your blog down because I hadn’t received any email posts for quite awhile. So I googled it and had to resubscribe. Strange hey! WordPress may be having a few glitches methinks as somehow I was also unsubscribed from two other blogs on here without my knowledge.
    We’ll take care my friend and have a great weekend!
    Blessings always,
    Love CazWytch. xo


    1. Hey Caz,

      I know titles don’t mean much to any outsiders, but I just want to earn respect from other Palero/as out there. It’s one community that I don’t want to mess with. They are even more picky than Demonolators. LOL. It’s like, “What’s your rama?” “What’s the name of your munanso?” “Who is your Tata?” Stuff like that. I have mostly encountered Paleros that have treated me well, except for one or two. They approach me about my Spirit Pots and they’re like, “How did you do that?”

      Hope you are doing well managing your health issues. I am managing mine alright. But my psychiatrist gave me a med that is aggravating me more than helping me. If I go to a higher dose it’s just even worse. Those meds just help me with my paranoid thoughts and anxiety mostly. I see him this upcoming week. I decreased the dose and seeing if it still helps. The drug that worked the best made me gain weight and raised my cholesterol. No thanks. LOL. πŸ™‚

      I’m working on my husband for disability soon. The Veterans Administration sucks to deal with. He had an incident of serious hazing when he was in the Army, so he applied to get PTSD added to his disability. The VA is slow and they are understaffed. Or just unqualified. There’s a certain mpungo that takes care of disabled people, so I’ll be working with him. I, of course, divined about this and asked my godfather. He confirmed it. We have such a link to each other, it’s kind of weird. His spirits talk to him, then my spirits talk to me – then we exchange and all of the spirits agree! LOL.

      I was offline for a bit in July, because I was visiting my son, and sometimes when I don’t feel good I lapse in posts but not too long. πŸ™‚ I try to keep it updated.

      Nice to hear from you!
      Love, Jen

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      1. Hi Jen,
        I totally understand where your coming from regarding your faith.
        I hope that your husband has been accepted as having PTSD and is getting his money. That’s what I was paid out for mainly in my job PTSD & unfortunately its liveable but you just get more used to it.
        I don’t know why I wasn’t getting your blogs via email? But I am now & will catch up tomorrow ok.
        I still owe you an email as its been an “unusual” couple of months for us.
        Hope that your well!

        Caz. Xo


  2. Sry Jen I posted this twice by accident as It looked like the first one didn’t come out. Please feel free to delete one if you wish. If not as they say “good things come in three’s”!πŸ˜ƒ
    Also I’m planning to write you an email this weekend about something I think you may be interested in magickally?
    We’ll talk soon.
    Love Caz. xo


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