Spirit Pot Business

Greetings, blog readers. About Spirit Pots…

My Spirit Pot had to be put outdoors, because it did not smell good. That’s why I recommend pots be kept in a garage or a shed. I’m not working it any longer, because I don’t need it. I’d actually like to bury it someplace, but I don’t know where. A graveyard is too conspicuous. I have to deconstruct it a little bit to bury too. So, that’s what you do if you no longer want or need the pot. Release the spirit(s) attached to it first. If you used a paper sigil instead of writing it in Efun/pemba, you should try to find the paper and burn it. That’s one reason I did not use paper. I drew the sigil and covered it with wax of a white candle. I highly suggest doing it this way if you have the idea of making the pot. The reason the pot got a smell was the blood I was using to feed it. I don’t recommend buying any kind of blood at the grocery store, from meat. If you’re really going to feed that pot, a sacrifice will be warranted. It doesn’t need to be an animal. You can make your own sacrifices, maybe by giving up a bad habit. Doing something to better yourself. Then, feed the pot with things that won’t smell bad eventually. Herbs, mpolos (special powders), rum, cigar smoke, and so forth. Burn a candle near the pot. I suggest a white 7 day candle or tea lights. And put a glass of fresh cold water (no bottled water, except spring water; tap water is fine unless you live in a place where you  can’t drink it because it’s nasty, like Tucson).

I do worry that I may have opened a few doors for inexperienced newbies. It’s okay to be a newbie, but I cannot stress this enough- you need to maintain an ancestor altar or boveda for at least six months. The worst thing that can happen is making spirits angry, or the pot not working at all. You have to be OPEN and a little submissive to learn to deal and work with the Dead. If the spirits are angry, I would suggest contacting ME for divination (just because this is my style of Spirit Pot).

You really need to prepare. I’ve mentioned it before in other posts. Make sure you have ALL of the ingredients AT ONCE. Make sure you have a foundation stone to go over the sigil. The sigil comes from the Dead that you gathered for your pot. Mine was actually a fossil stone. You should add your human bone(s) first, then dirt from as many places as you can, some quartz crystals, herbs, Ceiba, mercury, insects (special ones), more dirt, more herbs, three railroad spikes, oils, colognes, and your nine palos. I really don’t think using the 21 palos from botanicas is right because those palos are not all native. You have to do an immense amount of studying if you want to use 21 palos. And that information isn’t on the internet. Your cauldron doesn’t need to be huge.

I have some rituals on this blog for the pot. Check those out too. I don’t often post Spirit Pot business because I’m in my own world.


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