I was a month off. LOL. Tell me peeps!!!

I was possessed. I haven’t really been completely possessed since I used to do seances at the age of 12 and 13.I had the Rolling Stones playing at my computer and I thought I was writing, I actually got a story idea from this possession. Probably a short story but it’s meant to be funny and awkward. I got feel the energy, my whole body, taken over my mind is going completely bazooka. I was trying to stay away from a full on possession but it ended up being complete. What I heard were my thoughts and my mother’s thoughts. I questioned her about certain incidents that I’ve never heard about before. She felt so different from me. I kept trying to kick off the possession.

By the time I did, it was time for bed. I didn’t tell anyone except my godfather, and he checked up on me.

I better get used to being completely sensitive to all kinds of spiritual energies, and possibly conjuring up my dead mother again. I’ve got all sorts of spirits around since this place has a large vortex. It’s in my closet. I don’t mind them but there are rules that I made for spirits who want to come here. Having spirits is fine as long as no baddies come in here.

The work I have going is going very well.


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