What are you doing?

Hello blog readers.

If you are into magic or spirituality, do you work daily? Or do you just work by the motion of the moon and astrological currents? Does your practice stagnate – like a dusty altar? Dirty tools?

With people who REALLY practice magic (and some form of spirituality, maybe) it’s a daily thing. It is something you do automatically. If you or  someone else close to you needs something, do you instantly think about what you can do magically? Or if it can be done? Of course, you have to think about the mundane things FIRST. I know, its not “fun” but we have to see if we can do something in the mundane to either fix your situation, then if it doesn’t, hit the magic! Always work in tandem with the mundane and magical because without doing anything in the mundane world, magic rarely manifests unless it’s something important or if you or your loved ones are in immediate danger. Call 911 if it’s a REAL emergency.

Back to working daily…This is what REAL Bruja’s and magicians do. Whether there is magic or not. Personally, my ancestors come first. I give them light and water and my mom gets tea (she did not fancy coffee much), they get flowers, one cigar for my grandfather, cigarettes for my other ancestors. I offer them rum, but they are happiest when I get a good dark doppelbock or Guinness. Germans! A lot of my ancestors were alcoholics.

Anyway, keep your ancestor altar clean. If you are doing workings, at another altar, a little mess doesn’t hurt. If you have a nganga, well, it’s impossible to stay clean.

I hate getting off topic. It’s hard for me to stay on the same subject all of the time. No ADHD. Just a shitty memory.

If you only decide to do work once or twice a month, you are missing A LOT. I work through ALL moon cycles. But I will make things more special on the Full or New moon. Planetary hours can kiss my arse. No matter what or when I do it, it works. Never think about it really. I just do it.

And – clean your tools!!! Glasses, offering bowls/plates/cups. It is VERY IMPORTANT to NOT use the same dinnerware that you eat from, for the Dead. They must be separate. Candle holders should be washed – get the wax off of them. An altar wash I recommend is Agua de Ruda (Rue water). I make my own. Easy to make. Get some Rue and boil it for 17 minutes.

A way to keep your practice is to maintain an altar and pray. Try to meditate, get peaceful. Start honoring ancestors if you don’t already. They are closest to you and more likely to help you.


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  1. I tend to agree with Jason Miller when he says emergency magic is bad magic. It’s not that one shouldn’t cast a spell in an emergency, but most emergencies can be prevented. He states that magic should be performed regularly to support mundane work, not only to nip problems in the bud but also to hone spell casting skills. Without experience, spells have a tendency to lack power.

    On the topic of magical timing, whether it be lunar cycles or planetary hours or zodiac trends, my understanding has always been that magic can always work, but we are surrounded by these energy currents that can work in our favor if we know how to use them. Why swim against the current if you can dig a trench to channel it where you need it? Or better yet, go with the flow! 🙂


    1. I don’t do emergency magic at all, actually. I get up and do it when the muertos tell me to start. Magic and ritual are pretty much done the way the Dead or Mpungo want it done. I’ve got 20 years of experience practicing magic. Ain’t no spell fail me so far.

      Yeah, I have been aware of the timing. I pay attention to the Moon and planetary hours, only for big rituals though. Basic stuff, I don’t care and I get positive response to my work.

      Palo spirits are nothing like any others.


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