Think about this…

These writings are from another person, who is dead now, and his books are hard to find. I just happen to know the right people to hook me up.

Two passages of one beginning chapter caught my eye. What is your interpretation of them?


Magic is not for All.
It is to be respected and guarded, and not generalized to the point of becoming lukewarm; it is of no use to make magic popular if it weakens its power, cheapens it, and only increases its commercial value.


But Nature’s Spirit must be rediscovered, it is lost to most of us, and yet is our vital source of Inspiration. This Inspiration must be sought in earnest and if you are to succeed then it must be sought alone. The Solitude required is intense and curiously pleasurable despite its painfulness and desperate loneliness; it is a Forge in the Soul; of searing flames that enrapture the Mind and Body tempering and shaping it into a Vessel fit for the Work. It is costly and rare, taking its toll upon the individual, exiling him from all that is of conventional worth, and yet is its own reward.

–Excerpts from Andrew Chumbley’s – OPUSCULA MAGICA

Food for thought.


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