Think about this…

These writings are from another person, who is dead now, and his books are hard to find. I just happen to know the right people to hook me up.

Two passages of one beginning chapter caught my eye. What is your interpretation of them?


Magic is not for All.
It is to be respected and guarded, and not generalized to the point of becoming lukewarm; it is of no use to make magic popular if it weakens its power, cheapens it, and only increases its commercial value.


But Nature’s Spirit must be rediscovered, it is lost to most of us, and yet is our vital source of Inspiration. This Inspiration must be sought in earnest and if you are to succeed then it must be sought alone. The Solitude required is intense and curiously pleasurable despite its painfulness and desperate loneliness; it is a Forge in the Soul; of searing flames that enrapture the Mind and Body tempering and shaping it into a Vessel fit for the Work. It is costly and rare, taking its toll upon the individual, exiling him from all that is of conventional worth, and yet is its own reward.

–Excerpts from Andrew Chumbley’s – OPUSCULA MAGICA

Food for thought.


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  1. Hi Jen,

    I know it’s been from me for awhile but like they say “sometimes life just gets in the way”. I’m gradually getting back into social networking but it’s hard after quite a break that was very much needed. I wrote you two emails and they didn’t save before I had finished them. So that was the end of that. That being said, I’ve been reading your blog and have been enjoying it as always.

    I’m also really glad to hear about your Demonolatry coven doing so well and I’m sure that your ritual with your new HP will be really powerful and truly meaningful for you both. I’ve actually been working with a certain demon for a long time now myself but I can’t reveal my”blessed demon” just yet…but I will do so eventually.

    I was so happy to read some of the incredible work of dear Andrew Chumbley on your blog just now. I didn’t know that you were a fan of his. Anyway just Brilliant…what more can I say! As I agree with everything that he’s written here especially that magick is not for everyone because it’s not no matter what people think. Plus it can lead to almost soul shattering solitude which for me at times haing a “natural extrovert personality” is really hard indeed. However it is necessary to keep on practising and learning what we all do as magickal practitioners until we leave this mortal realm.

    But like you all my work is paying off even though I’ve had to be selfish to a degree and stop teaching and doing magickal workings for other people for free. I’ve had to take a step back. By working and watching out for my own family because they’ve really needed me. Too many people especially on tumblr expect everything for free. What’s up with that? Then again I’m too much of a soft touch that’s my problem. Lol

    Also this can’t just be coincidence right. So I’ll tell you what was said this afternoon ok. I was having drinks with a girlfriend this afternoon. We were talking about life as you do especially at my age and all that we experience an go through etc. Then she said to me: “Caz when they made you, you were truly made from fire I reckon. You were obviously forged from much stronger stuff than most; because I’ve never known anyone in my entire life whom is as strong as you. No matter what happens in your life or how difficult things may seem, you always come out of it the other side on top even stronger than you were before”.

    So this comment certainly ties in perfectly with the brilliant quote above doesn’t it. I will be texting her your Chumbley quote tomorrow. Anyway the point is that synchronicity is always visible in my life all of the time. I’m not saying this to ring my own bell, lol, but that those of us like you and myself that have both been through so much are forged from much stronger stuff. Although in different ways of course but still very similar. But in the long run we always deal with it and come out on top and that’s what real magick is truly all about.

    Well hope my long comment has perhaps made up for lack of comments. You are always in my thoughts and if I don’t see a new blog within two days or so, then I worry, truly I do.

    I hope that your having a great week and that your ceremony and Samhain are wonderful for everyone involved.

    Many Blessings and Namaste,



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