Where I Began In the ATR’s

It’s kind of weird how I ended up being interested in the African Traditional Religions. I had no interest in it in the past. After I was ousted from the Dem community (I left them, but they treated me like dog shit anyway) one of my friends in the magical world told me I was really spiritually filthy and had some “attachments” on me. So she sent me to who was to become, my first godfather. He started me out talking to the Orishas, setting up a boveda. I heard the names Oya and Shango. Funny – he had Oya and Shango.  But that interest in Santeria wasn’t for long. He started discussing Palo. I was so curious.  He told me I was so gifted and that it is my destiny to be a Yaya Nganga and an Espiritsta. I was doing daily work with Centella as well as and Siete Rayos (Nsasi). I gave him daily ritual notes. He got rid of the “bad witchcraft” that was hindering my capabilities. He usually would do this when he knew I was asleep. I had a wonderful boveda. I had a temporary Lucero set up, which I offered rum and cigar smoke. Something happened that was personal with him and he quit teaching me. I found out later that his wife got diagnosed with cancer. He was putting his all into her.


An early incarnation of my boveda, years ago:


(The tarot card is “The Devil” because he wanted me to study it)

I did practice Ifa for almost a year, actually. It’s Orishas without Christianity. Very complex it requires you to study the Odu and the Oriki. The rituals are arduous. It’s also expensive, like all of the ATR’s are. Ifa is a wonderful path. All of these paths are beautiful.

I won’t post any picture of my current boveda/ancestor altar. Ifa said that I was “Omo Osun.” Or Oshun to those who don’t know. And now in Palo, I have Mama Chola Wengue, who is a little similar. I still have Nsasi/Siete Rayos.



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