Change of plans..

I had to change my ritual focus and the mpungo that I’m working with. I heard a voice yesterday that whispered Chola Wengue. Everything is going pretty well. Been having the weirdest dreams and I can only think of one of them, and it’s too filthy to post. I rarely post my dreams. LOL. I did put Delepitore oleum on my temples and 3rd eye last night. Could account for the weird dreams!

I certainly hope that my ritual is more effective. Since tomorrow is Monday, I look forward to Lucero’s ritual. I have been really working hard on this, not just letting it be routine. I had my husband take three baths for three weeks, as prescribed by my godfather. He seems cleaner.

I added two more glasses to my ancestor altar and all they are all filled with crazy bubbles.


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  1. At times our dreams can be very powerful that’s for sure and they can influence our lives in so many ways. Especially for those of us whom work with spirits in our lives regularly. I quite often have “Divinatory Dreams” that usually let me know what’s happening not only for my immediate to intermediate future but also for my family and close friends too. I find it easiest to understand my dreams even my “mundane ones”, lol, by using the Dream Analysis of the great psychoanalyst “Carl Jung” whom was far more brilliant than Freud ever was. If anyone reading this hasn’t heard or read any of his works & wants to learn more? I would recommend his classic book “Man and his Symbols” which is one of his greatest works.
    I hope that your working for your husband goes very well for you both! 😀🌟
    Love CazWytch. xo


    1. I should definitely check out the Jung book. I love his insights. I made some Delepitore oil and it works well for dreams. One ingredient that makes it most powerful is a small owl bone I placed in the oil. Don’t worry, the Etsy site gathers the dead animals and fixes them up, like taxidermy. I’ve always seen Delepitore as a woman in a blue or purple cloak, holding a staff. You’ll discover Delepitore can be great to with. She is good for finding the right mate suitable for you, more like a soulmate, not just dating. Remember this.

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      1. You should find the Jung book easy to read for free from most public libraries to save you buying it. Ive done part of a Psychology degree but I got too sick to complete it sadly. So I’m really into Jung and Abraham Maslow etc. At least I’ve got my Diploma so that is something.
        The Delepitore oil sounds very interesting indeed. Don’t worry I don’t have a problem with using animal bones of any kind as long as they are ethically sourced. I mainly have chicken bones and fish bones for obvious reasons. Lol My hubby catches us fish out in his boat, which is handy. At the beach occasionally I’ve found bird skeletons or at least parts thereof that I can use sometimes.
        How you see Delepitore is very similar to how I usually see The Goddess in her Crone form as Hekate/Hecate standing at the Cross roads with a staff, with long white silvery hair and also often usually in purple or blue with many silver highlights. Its quite interesting how we are seeing the “archetype” of the Wise Woman in a very similar way Jen, even though we may call her by a different name. Our souls are obviously vibrating at the same levels on the astral/akashic plane. I’m not trying to go all “new agey” on you but I think this could really be true.
        I’m not looking for my soulmate as I believe that I’m lucky enough to have found him. Lol Plus he’s all the way from Liverpool UK too. I know what you mean by a “soul mate” that is not a romantic partner. As obviously in our other incarnations/lives we can often have friends, brothers, sisters or lovers etc that can also be our soul mates. Do you believe in “soul groups”? Just wondering.
        Take Care,
        Love Cazwytch. xo


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