Graveyard Visit

I had a special day. My hubby took me out to the graveyard.:)  I had a white cover on my head, my smoky quartz and  amethyst necklaces on and my own Florida water. There are some newer graves in there, so I checked those out. I picked some male ferns, seeing if I could do anything magical with them. I poured some Florida water and spoke to the plant spirit first before I collected them and I also thanked the plant spirit. I went to a new grave and set two of my crystals on it for a bit. This person’s grave had a handmade tombstone. Just his name written on stone.Tombstones are way too expensive these days as are funerals. And I am totally against embalming corpses.

We did not get my mother embalmed. She went naturally down in a pine box. She was buried in her Rolling Stones shirt. I picked out her clothes.

And she seems to be helping me with my prayers too.


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  1. Hi Jen,
    I’ve only just read this as I’m behind with everything online ATM. Sometimes I have what I call “technology free days” and believe me they are so refreshing for me in so many ways.
    I agree with you about embalming. I’ve already told my kids that I don’t want any of that. They don’t like me talking about anything to do with death. I’ve tried to tell them that there’s nothing more certain in this life than death. Sadly in our modern world death has become an industry.
    Your Mum sounds like such a cool lady. May she Rest In Peace.


  2. I forgot to write that I’m glad that she’s helping you with your prayers too.
    She must be really proud of you I am sure. You sound like you obviously honored her memory and you did it using what she really loved in in this life. 😎🎸🎼💐💋🌠


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