Random Ramblings: Miscellaneous Stuff

Watching “Ghost Adventures.” They have water running and they wonder why they hear a spirit!?! Duh!! Spirits are attracted to water. Why do I have so many glasses of water on my altars? They are so uninformed about the spiritual. No wonder shit follows them home. They deserve it.

I guess stupid people piss me off. If you are into paranormal stuff, you should know basic spiritual principals. And not Christian ones because they are so narrow-minded and caught up in their Jesusosity. If your an open-minded Christian, that’s fine, but do not think that there are “demons” in every corner waiting to eat your soul. That new show, “I Was Possessed,” stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. Yes, you can be possessed! But by demons? Maybe made up Christian demons.

In ATR religions, possession is common. It’s called ‘riding.’ Or horsing. The Mpungo, Orisha, Loa will ride you. If they have a reason and want to during a ritual. I can sometimes feel a presence on top of my head, tickling and it’s also very hot. My ears burn too. When Chola Wengue, Nsasi and particularly Lucero are near me, I feel this often. Almost every time I look to Lucero for divination, I get the head sensation, hotness, tickling and ear burning. I can’t cover some of the other little known ATR’s because I don’t know enough about them, and they have slightly different roots. I might study Vodou. I kinda have a feeling that a Loa might be in my spiritual court. My godfather is also in Vodou. I’m not sure of his rank.

Anyway…something told me that I must go to my ancestors to help my husband. I don’t know where the suggestion came from. I just knew it. And mysteriously, I know what to do. These visions, voices, and other things I’m experiencing from the muertos is coming faster and stronger. Like almost every week, it’s something new. I do see a lot of shadow forms going into my bedroom. That’s where the water is.

I have some ‘La Madama’ perfume from a botanica. These manufactured products just need blessings to work. If you say, “Oh these botanicas sell fake stuff.” Well, I realized something. Maybe it IS dyed water or oil. The whole thing that counts is your blessings and prayers (ashe too) upon these products. And I DO reformulate the botanica products. I will take a bath product, stick it in a pan, put the correct herbs in it and cook it. I strain and rebottle. I’m just using the dyed water or oil as a base. I ONLY use these for myself. For my customers, I make everything by hand. I don’t add dyes unless you want them. I happen to like dyes because I’m very into color magic.

I’ve got a red/white beaded necklace soaking in some chamba right now. I cannot formally bless them like my godfather can, but I believe that I can use the power of my own ashe to protect myself. My chamba is very simple. It’s only one ingredient. There are many kinds of chamba; each made with different fresh herbs and other products.

I know my godfather did a special ceremony and it involved things for me. He sent me photos. Very awesome stuff. I know I’ll LOVE Palo when I’m initiated.


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