“High Magic” vs. “Low Magic”

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Note: A friend made me aware that this post could offend people. I am sorry. But it’s my opinion. And it’s my First Amendment right to speak as I choose.

This is one of my biggest gripes. People love to put nice little labels on everything because titles and labels supposedly matter to others. High magic is supposed to be for more ‘godly’ pursuits, and it’s supposed to be more spiritual. I’ve experienced High magic and to me, it’s not usable to me. I prefer something more practical. That is why I like “Low magic,” or as some people say “goety,” “hoodoo” (that is a whole tradition in itself) or even “kitchen witchery.” There is still room in Low magic for plenty of spiritual application. We generally don’t care about having fancy “tools of art.”

The tools of the High magician are much the same as in Low magicians. The High magicians are usually constantly banishing everything. This is something Low magicians don’t typically do. We live with the muertos and talk to them. Typically High magicians do not have any dead around them, and if they do, well they LBRP too death and banish with their daggers or swords plus foul incense to get rid of spirits. We see no need for banishment unless the muerto is harmful. Low magicians may have wands and staffs. In ATR’s there are some staffs. As Low magicians, we use elemental energies, raw and primal sources; most of us bring in the Dead or our OWN guardian spirits, like Ancestors, Indios, Gypsies, Arabians, etc. We use lots of water, candles, offerings such as alcohol, food, tobacco (especially if you are part Native American), and specially prepared herbal mixtures such as baths. We use candles, incense, alcohol, a sharp knife, glasses of water and the like.

Low magicians tend to lean towards simplicity.[EDIT: The less tools (shit) we have, the better. What I mean is, you don’t need tons of props in magic. Shit was just a term for having too much.] Note: When I say “we” I’m just speaking *generally* about Low magicians that I personally know. Keep it simple. You do not need expensive items.

High magicians, on the other hand, have tons of tools for everything. They wear ceremonial robes. I used to for my Demonolatry rituals. They put themselves through these quite silly meditations, movements, breath control, yoga and other bollocks. This was inspired by Mr. Crowley. [EDIT: “Oh, and chaos magicians! Haha. Sorry, I think that’s ultra dumb.” What I mean is that I just do not like chaos magic. Bad experiences.]

Then there are those armchair theorists who only read the books, do no work and proclaim that they are the bomb! Maybe they have the tools, but they don’t use them. They see and other people see an inactive “altar” in a nice room that they refer to others as their “temple.” Those people do not belong to forums, or even on the path. Idiots!

I’m only using these titles (High magic/Low magic) because everyone else does. And it gets my point across. You don’t need to be a grand poobah to work the spiritual realm. I don’t call my magic “Low magic.” I tend to call it sorcery or just magic. To me, all magic is magic, high, low or medium.

I may call people idiots, but I don’t mean that everyone is an idiot. I’m just generalizing. I have had many bad experiences with High magicians. So YES this post is BIASED.


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  1. That people practice magic is more important than how they choose to practice or label their approach, imho. If a system works for someone else and they are happy with it, however different it may be, I say good for them. It’s like martial arts. Learning a particular style won’t, in itself, make you better than others. There is no better style, only better fighters.

    It’s all about the practitioner. No path is above others. And as they say: “All roads lead to Rome”.


    1. I’m not saying either one is better. Just my opinion about all of the “High magicians” I have met in person all these years. They tend not to do much but banish. I say to all, “whatever fits.” I just think “Low magicians” are more practical and more down to Earth. There’s really no need for tons of tools and fancy evocations for me, anyway. I prefer simplicity.


      1. Between calling tools “shit”, exercises ” quite silly” and “bollocks”, chaos magicians “ultra dumb”, and armchair magicians “idiots”, it certainly seems like you’re trying to put down other approaches to magic. But maybe I read that wrong. However, I do agree that armchair magicians have no business criticizing or dispensing advice. I’d say that makes them jerks, not idiots πŸ™‚


      2. I’m judgmental because people like that have done nothing but mess with me. I guess that’s why I say those things. I have a wry sense of humor too, which doesn’t come across online.


      3. I read somewhere that communication is 60% body language/facial expressions, 20% voice inflection, 10% the actual words used, and 10% influenced by the listeners’ experiences and inner dialogue. The numbers might be off but the order of importance is set and it demonstrates how much is lost when relying solely on the written word. The importance of the choice of words becomes magnified in a written correspondence because there’s little else to interpret. Well, words and emojis πŸ˜€


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