Last night, I got a feeling to ask mys ancestors for help because my hubby has not gotten unemployment yet because he doesn’t want the same kind of job. That job physically killed him everyday. DirecTV and their “industrial athletes” thing. Bollocks. Its more like torturing the employees. They don’t even have time for he state mandated lunch time. He’s already 60% disabled by the military. Jesus fucking Christ. We’re going to try to aim for 100% because of his PTSD. And his chronic hip and back pain are connected. We just need a doctor to say that for us.

So, with my old chamalongos, I asked my ancestors if they would help. I went through different members of my family asking for help. My mom answered. I was SO surprised! I got a candle ready just for her. A white one with Chanel No. 5 sprayed into it. It’s going well so far.

We shall see if he gets money this week. I hope so!


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