Readings and Magical Work REALLY Updated (as of 1/19/17)

Hello blog readers.


This is an opportunity that can change your life. I can work with the Demons or Dead to aid you in just about any kind of want or need. But first, I have requirements for clients. First of all, before we go into  into the requirements, I have to divine to find out whether I can work with you. Either the spirits say yes or no. If yes, we can start. If no, I’ll look more no into the situation and see what’s wrong. That does not guarantee that I’ll work.

  1. You have to be clear about what EXACTLY you want; if you have more than one need, make it known. I don’t want to discover this later.
  2. DO NOT work with other magicians, Witches, diviners, and what not when you are working with me. The energies will just negate themselves!
  3. You cannot be working for yourself either. Only the things I suggest to you. Don’t be saying novenas unless I instruct you to.
  4. Be as open as you can, this goes with number one.
  5. We need to talk daily through email or phone/text. We want results, right?
  6. Please don’t hide anything big from me – I will know it.
  7. Please know that when I work for you, I work hard. It dominates my life for one month at least. The first two weeks are intense. I’ll be sending you items to use or wear.
  8. Divinations will take place regularly.
  9. I will email you photographs of your altars as I work at them or a video.
  10. If you are so inclined, you can keep notes if you wish.
  11. Keep what we do to yourself. One of the axioms of magic – “To Keep Silent.” Very important. If you talk about it, it may disperse the energy and it could fail. This includes forums.
  12. Remember, I cannot promise a perfect working with 100% results. If you don’t see results within 3 months, perhaps the universe doesn’t see your goal as fit.


Yes/No reading, $3/1 question. Plus one tarot card comes with it. These questions can be elaborated upon. It usually turns into a big discussion, so I will answer texts or emails about your reading. I do not do phone call readings.

Note: I will often see your muertos or hear from them. So don’t be surprised if they have a message for you.

Demonic Specialized Reading $40.00

I am not a religious Demonolator. But you’re wrong of you think I don’t have a special bond with Demons still and that I don’t work with them. Not true at  all. I only work with a few of them, mostly Astaroth, Delepitore and Leviathan. I do a few things during this reading. It’s actually a few different types of readings melded into one. I use some Demonic cards, and I use the “Ascension” process which is a technique I learned when I was a  Demonolator – it’s not an “exclusive” process at all.

These readings are supplemented with a shell yes/no divination. This is a very open part of the reading. Everything spills out. This is when the people spill their guts to me. I will question with my device and it usually ends in a solution or advice for you. My customers have said these readings are well worth the price.


Magical Work

Yes, I do magical work for clients. But my attitude has changed as to pricing. It is negotiable. Just know that I will be working a lot and lots of preparation is done. I need taglocks to successfully work with you. A photo is fine, a lock of hair or fingernails are even better. Blood on a tissue. You get it. Nothing that you give me will ever be used against you. I’ll safely burn whatever I have that is yours when the magic is done, I usually use up whatever taglock, it may go into a bag for you to carry or out in a graveyard.

I’ve discussed the rules. I think I’m pretty clear. Don’t mess around with me, be honest, for gods sake, don’t ever lie to me. It’s not a good thing to do. I don’t place trust in many people.

And really, I have to get to know you a bit, because I’m working and for you and holding your life in my hands.

Here’s a list of things I may send you for your work.

  • Baths – Liquid most times, 8 oz. plastic bottle. Hand brewed with selected herbs, by me.
  • Incense, censer and charcoal – If you don’t have a good burner and charcoal, I will get you a burner and charcoal so you can burn the incense. It s best to prepare you. I want all the success.
  • My own blend of Florida water.
  • Palos (sticks) You may receive a small bundle, they may be tied together as an amulet of sorts
  • ‘Mojo’ bag containing herbs, stones, etc. It comes anointed and closed. DO NOT open! Will kill working.
  • Talisman necklaces or other jewelry
  • A bottle of oil that goes with the mojo and anointing yourself.

What I WILL do, What I WON’T do – I am explaining this because people don’t seem to understand me. It’s like I’m a magic monkey or something. I can do work for you but I cannot feel your emotions for you. That is why it is best for YOU to do your OWN magic.

  1. Cursing – I don’t curse people unless it affects me somehow, or justice is deserved. That would be if someone murdered your family member or something of this nature. It has to be heinous.

I’ll pretty much do whatever else I’m asked to do. But I must consult divination to see if the spirits will let me do it for you. If my muertos say no, I cannot help.

Here is the work I WILL do (I might miss something)

  1. Money/Prosperity
  2. Love magic
  3. Legal issues
  4. Uncrossing
  5. Cleansing
  6. Binding/Shutting an Enemy Up
  7. Getting a job or a pay raise
  8. Commanding
  9. Compelling
  10. Breaking Up relationships/Severing Ties with a Person

All these rituals are performed in an unconventional way. I work with the Demons or muerto/as. The Demons are not dangerous the way I work with them. I don’t evoke them and I show them respect.



Magic may take longer if I have to order items online.

How long will it take? I usually see results within two weeks, but it can take up to a full moon cycle, which is a month. If I don’t see results, I will of course, keep working on it. I will consult my divination to see what’s going on.

You have to keep in mind that magic is NOT 100% guaranteed to work. There are times when it doesn’t work, but I can say my magic works most of the time.

Email me at: if you have requests or questions. If you want to talk to me personally, I might accept texts or rare phone calls if the situation calls for it.


Not only will I do readings, I will also perform magic for you. But there are a few things you will have to accept and keep in mind.

  1. If I do ship magical baths, they may be taken by customs. Same with loose herbs and mojos. So, this is a heads up. I can mark certain things as ‘potpourri’ or ‘perfume.’ But customs can be a bitch, I hear.
  2. There will be extra shipping and handling fees.
  3. There may be prolonged periods of time if you ship me taglocks, and when I ship you items. So learn to be patient.



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