Random Ramblings: Ritual mistakes & misc

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Ok, we all know that sometimes things happen during ritual that we didn’t expect to happen. It could be on the spiritual side, some of it could be mundane. One thing in particular I’m speaking about is if you have a candle that won’t stay lit. It generally means that it’s not time to use that candle yet. It is rarely a sign of spell failure. I set goals on each of my candles. This is something you will want to do too. And watch for signs . Ceromancy is something I’m getting good at. If you’re going to do candle magic, it’s a good thing to learn.

I’ve made mistakes during ritual. I’ve said invocations wrong, used the wrong Demonic enn, messed up on sigils. But the magic still worked for some reason. Go figure. I believe it’s my innate ability and all of the extra stuff I do for ritual that a lot of people skip over. I’m really into finding out how the wax falls, the symbolism of the plants I use, handmaking my own oils and incenses, crystals and stones to use, and other curios. People who don’t know me probably don’t think I’m not down to Earth. I do have a Type A personality and that irks some. I am actually very easy to get along with, down to earth, funny and a total Aquarius (heavily influenced by water signs, in moon and ascendant).

Magic is all about trial and error. If you end up offending spirits, you will need to placate them if you can, if it is a muerto that you called on. If it is a muerto, from a graveyard, go there with a small offering of cigar,rum, 9 pennies, and flowers or a food item. Nicely tell them thank you, give them the rum by pouring it on the ground, and spitting some on the ground too, then blow the cigar 13 times. Then walk out of the graveyard without looking back. Pour rum at the gate of the graveyard.

If you offended Demons, give them a wine offering, or a parchment with their sigil on it and burn it. This is a Demonolatry technique and it has worked successfully for centuries. Most Demonolators add blood to the parchment and burn it. But Demonolatry is a religion. Worshiping Demons. And that means you want them around. If you work with Demons the non-Demonolatry way (like me), I just do the parchment, draw the sigil with dragon’s blood ink and burn it. If you have the Demon’s oil, dot the parchment with it Just be wary of Demonic work. It’s not for everyone.

There are times when it’s better to start your work over. If you feel something isn’t right, or something isn’t working right just stop and look at everything you have been doing.

I can’t wait until the 22nd! My friends are coming down to pick me up and take me to Portland for a documentary screening of The Damned’s, “Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead.” It’s going to be awesome!


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  1. I doubt it’s the extra work at fault for the success of misconducted rites– I know it helps, obviously, but I know it’s your intent that causes the working to succeed regardless of slip-ups. My first evocation was Gargophias. I did it in my car at night with no equipment besides the pocket knife I used to cover a sigil– printer paper and a sharpie of a randomly selected color– in blood as an offering. Hilariously enough, I had fucked up and used a sigil for an unrelated demon named Baratchial.

    When Gargophias appeared, her face projected over the windshield of my car, moving from the windshield to various windows at random. The working was a success.


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