To Newbies

Hello blog readers, especially newbies.

It is not bad to be new, so don’t get that in your mind and let it hinder you from your studies. I’m going to tell you how to learn, how to approach the right people, find the right books, etc. But the most important lessons are the ones that you have to take within, about yourself.

Realize that you are special, you do have your own power. Even more than you may realize. Treat yourself well while learning. Don’t say, “I’m dumb, I’ll never get this.”

  1. Go slowly is the first thing I advise. Find one thing to study at a time. Something that interests you. Not something that someone tells you that newbies have to read first. You will come back to the questions later.
  2. Don’t jump into the practice until you feel 100% comfortable with all the aspects.
  3. Reach out to Elders in the practice/religion. The way to reach out is to be very courteous when you write to them, not kiss-ass, but be approachable and explain your interests and how you’d like to expand upon them.
  4. Get a reading. You can get a reading from someone online, or some place that you find in your area. It can be tarot, shells, bones, runes, whatever. Ask the internal question, “Is this path good for me?” These readings cost money. But they are worth it.
  5. We all know how to learn, but it’s a little different with pagan paths, African Traditional Religions, Witchcraft and Wicca, etc. If you study Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft, you have to find the kind that suits you. And read books about it, go online, try to find like minded people to discuss it with. With the ATR’s, an Elder is sought out, and the reading is given. Then the student is taught basics, and can sometimes practice a few rituals. The knowledge comes after initiation in those paths. The pagan paths, you need not be initiated into anything to learn.
  6. Finding books about Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft is easy. African Traditional Religions do have books, mostly Santeria or Ifa. Palo has few books in English and they aren’t worth reading – in the opinion of my godfather and a former godfather I had. Learning in the ATR’s is more hands on.
  7. Don’t worry too much about the difference between “black and white” magic. Magic is magic. It’s the intent that matters. I believe in curses, but only in dire circumstances. Throwing back someone’s negativity is often more powerful.
  8. Don’t let others piss on you cos you are new. People should have respect for beginner’s too. I never understood why other people pick on newbies. And often, give them the wrong information.
  9. If you are *just* into the magical aspects – let people know that. People in the religions want to know because they might misunderstand you and say something rude.

Any questions? or make a comment and I’ll email you personally.

Newbies rule!


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