Keep out evil candle spell & Manifestation powder

The keep out evil spell sounds hoodoo but it’s just something the muertos told me to do when there may be something impeding your spell, like a malicious intent.

You need a liquid mixture for this spell:

  • River water
  • Quita Maldicion herb or water
  • Florida water
  • Holy water

Place in a large bowl, preferably fire proof, like metal. Then you also need a 7 day white candle, Dragon’s Blood oil, Dragon’s Blood incense and a red marker. Write “keep out evil” and the name of the person you are doing the spell for or your name. Place the candle in the liquid mixture and light it. Pray for protection, the removal of evil, etc. Let the candle keep burning, but do the work everyday, keep up the prayers and offerings. You can’t just light a candle once and let it be.

Manifestation Powder

  • Dittany of Crete
  • Powdered Mastic
  • Powdered Gum Arabic
  • Palo Muerto
  • Bone Dust
  • Fula (a tiny bit)

If it’s dark muertos you want, throw in some sulfur. Its not a pleasant brew. Burn this in a well ventilated ritual chamber.


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