Herbal Knowledge

Ah, there is another book out now. *Don’t think I didn’t notice. I’m not going to be ignorant.* Demonic herbalism. Would I buy it, even on Kindle? No. I don’t keep tabs on everything, only things that might be a danger to me. I keep tabs on Demonolators. I’ve learned well to watch people who might throw bad mojo because of petty jealousy.

I applaud the book. Congrats. I’m not interested in alchemy. I don’t need it, it’s unnecessary. I wouldn’t read the book because I interact with the Demons myself and get recipes, plus researching about the plant to see if it matches the Demons nature. That’s what I did with my book. I channeled with the Demons to get the recipes. Just because *she* writes a herbal book doesn’t make it any better than mine. So I don’t do lab work and alchemy. I’m not good with live plants. But I have a knack for making magically strong product. My godfather loves my stuff. I put lots of ashe into my work.

That’s what counts.



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