I’m getting pretty excited about becoming a formal Espiritista! Formal as in initiated into Espiritismo. I will be able to do a lot of things. I’ll find out who my spiritual court is, most importantly. And then I’ll be able to read other people’s muertos, guides and such. I can do readings, hold misas. My godfather described it to me as “cool” as opposed to Palo as being “hot.” I can understand this. I have a feeling it will take me awhile to be initiated into Palo. I have to get the money for it. If I do well as an Espiritista, then I will probably be able to be initiated into Palo. I felt rushed at one point but now I don’t.

I know Palo is my home, as a religion. Nsasi is so close to me. I always feel him. That is why I immediately went to him for my husband’s employment gig. He is good for employment. I did the ritual today. All of the candles are burning well. Nsasi’s candle was treated extra special. I carved his firma into both sides, anointed it with palm oil and some other oils and rolled in herbs and powders. I love pull out candles in glass!

I’m just contemplating the power of this path. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The magic is my own – I don’t have a system I use. Just my own boneyard smarts and the muertos. I get guided on what to do by them. Since I am a medium, I will go far in Espiritismo. It also makes ritual writing easier. Writing prayers and invocations is easier as well. If you need help writing a ritual, come to me and I’ll help!

Well, I’ve got some more to write later, perhaps. It is a horrible hot spell outside, so I won’t be doing much out there.


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  1. Congratulations!🌟🌟🌟
    Its not until we make our magick truly our own that it really works for us. Most of us whom have learnt, studied and practiced various pathways for so many years finally find what actually works for us and what doesn’t, which is so empowering.
    We can learn a lot from so many great occult authors but in the end its what we do with what we learn that counts in this life.
    I too am a medium in my practice sometimes amongst other things. I’ve also been doing automatic spirit writing for nearly 5 years now. As well as contacting my deceased spirits using my own portal that is entirely my own.
    Many things that I can do now like see auras etc only started after my NDE (near death experience).
    I’m so glad that your so happy with what “you are practicing” now magickally.
    Many Blessings to you,
    Love CazWytch. xo


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