Random Ramblings: Think about it…

Do you feel spiritually satisfied? Are you worried about the future? At this point do you think it’s all going to go to hell, why?

Things to ask yourself. Not simple questions, but some things you should consider.

I definitely am spiritually satisfied, but do carry some worry. I think everything has already gone to hell. It’s hard to be relaxed anymore. The news is either sexual or violent. I don’t want to hear of either one.  I really miss the good ol days. Days of no technology. I like computers and the internets, but it’s a double edged sword.

I never intend to be politically correct. I refuse to be. I am of the older generation. I’m generation X, my parents are baby boomers. They didn’t have to be sensitive. Why should I have to be sensitive all the time? I keep my mouth shut. I have thoughts that are different, so I tend to hide them because they aren’t PC or sensitive. Sure, they call it ‘progress’ to be sensitive. Sure. But sometimes, you can’t go any other way but the way you were raised. I’m no racist or phobe of any kind.   This is a coming out on the internet. So I’m no hater of anyone. Just people who hate me for some strange reason. I never claimed to know it all.

I am a Bruja, I walk proud in my sorcery. Does a bruja have religion? She may or may not. Brujeria is not Wicca. It’s Witchcraft. There are only a few holy days, the Full moons are most highest of importance. Halloween and Walpurgis night are my main high holy days. The natural events, solstices and equinoxes are only celebrated if it is in your tradition. For me, solstices and equinoxes are good for magical events and divination sessions. The point is that you can be any religion and be a bruja.

Natural gifts help too. I wouldn’t be able to half of the things I do if I wasn’t so spiritually gifted. I commune with my ancestors EVERY day. I listen to my intuition. My gifts allow me to know things before they happen; I see spirits regularly; I know nearly everyone who calls without caller ID. All kinds of little things, stupid things. A lot of times neat things though! Listen to your intuition!!

Don’t claim to be something your not. I see a few of these armchair magicians, not really practicing anything. People who love the thought of magic but won’t get up and do it. They just like to start “intellectual occult feuds.” There is a big reason I’m not on any forums. I don’t need to be bothered by someone who is probably going to bash me no matter what I say.

That’s all I have to say.


One thought on “Random Ramblings: Think about it…

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  1. I totally agree with you on all of this. All the so called “armchair elitist occultists” whom have never practiced magick in their lives but love to boost their faltering egos by debating & belittling others on forumd etc truly make me sick!
    You are truly a Witch that is for sure! Being a real Witch is living & breathing magick every single day that your alive!
    I see you as a Sister Witch & think that the western term “Witch” suits you far more than Brujo does IMHO.
    Just my opinion anyway, probably because I’m not a big fan of Santeria or Palo.
    I practice the Craft of my real Ancestors of whom so tragically so many were lost back in the Burning Times. I personally find the term Witch very empowering to me.
    However I also use the term Occultist, not only because of what I study, but at times I do practice Ceremonial magick either on my own & sometimes with other Mages. Which I find very enpowering for me and my magick also.
    Maybe your at a point in your own magickal development where your looking for more? But don’t know where to find it all just yet?
    If so, I know that feeling & have had to tread over the deep dark abyss all alone, after enduring sum months of the “dark night of the soul” quite a few years ago now, Its only then that you can truly know your own psyche and thus your own magickal pathway for this lifetime.
    Which quite often, more often than not, ends up being an amalgamation of not only what you have learnt? But also what type or types of magick have truly resonated with your soul.
    In the end with any kind of magickal pathway the choice is yours. Thus be very careful with your choice? As what we choose ib this lifetime will resonate for many incarnations to come. This is one thing I know for a fact!
    Very thought provoking blog.
    Blessings & love,
    CazWytch xo


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