Virtues of Salt, the Banes of Salt

I know a ton of people add some kind of salt to water for consecration or to cleanse items, and to protect their homes and what not. This will only help temporarily. For serious cleansings, you need all of the elements represented. If you use salt to cleanse jewelry, beware if it’s metal (usually silver or gold plate). It’s okay on stainless steel objects and earthenware products. But IF USED FOR THE DEAD – NADA.

You can use salt to keep the Dead away, but Espanta Muerto is best mixed with it.

The virtues of salt are more for the HUMAN body. It cleanses us. It won’t distract the Dead from us. Humans are made of water and salt. It’s how we cleanse out veins (saline solution), sinuses, etc. It doesn’t remove our spiritual energy but it can interfere at times. That is why I typically just use herbs only in baths.



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