The World of The Dead

First off, here is my rant. There should be no such thing as “gothic” Witchcraft or whatever. I find it silly that people identify with that lifestyle anyways,  and adding it to a religion is silly too. Just my opinion. I own a book about ‘gothic’ witchcraft and find it perturbing. Only reason I got it was because I got a free gift card and the outside jacket of the book looked neat. It’s “Walking the Twilight Path:  A Gothic Book of the Dead.” Some of the methods inside of this book are okay but this darky dark darkness is fucking lame. I mean, you could have called me goth in high school but I’m too old for that bollocks. I still like some of the music, but I lean more to the punk/post punk. I see people my age that still look this way, and I’m like, WTF? Grow up. NOTE: I have actually gotten back into the “gothic” scene a little bit. I do wear mostly black and dark makeup. I like the fashion. But to me it’s the music. Tho I really prefer punk/post punk music. Most new goth music makes me want to hurl.

End of rant.

Around us, there is an all encompassing world of the Dead. Oh, no one likes to think about it. Cemeteries are ignored, but when called to them over someone dying, it’s a place people come for remembrance. But the average person doesn’t have a draw towards cemeteries. Most people think it’s morbid or sick. Not me. My grandma used to take me on walks through cemeteries. I always loved the peace and quiet feeling. Even when on a busy road, it’s like there is a bubble over the cemetery and it is calm and quiet.

The world of the Dead is much more interesting than just going to cemeteries. I like to go to haunted places BUT I DO NOT GHOST HUNT. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN IT. I’m sick and tired of seeing all these people trying to dredge up spirits, especially for “our entertainment.” That is why they do it. Not for validity. Maybe that’s what they first started with, was trying to find evidence and validity but it becomes a stupid ghost hunt. Oooh, a spirit scratched me! WTF? I doubt that. Any idea how powerful our brains are? We can manifest our own scratches. Psychosomatic anyone? I’m not a non-believer or skeptic. But taunting spirits is not something I’m fond of. Even if it’s for “validity.” Or “proof.”

What do I do at haunted places then? Feel the energy. Listen. Sometimes I do get some evidence of my own, but I’m not asking questions, using equipment, or being a complete arse. When I gather a spirit for a Spirit Pot or some other reason, I’m very respectful of all the Dead. I use a pendulum to find the right grave and the ritual crystal to house them in for a short time. I pour rum on the grave and leave a dime. I am gentle, I talk to the spirit.

You need to realize the Dead are still people too, only in wraith form. I don’t think they want to be stepped on and disrespected any more than you do.


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