Learning is Hard: And My “Style” Of Teaching

Obviously, you all aren’t in my Demonolatry group. I just wanted to take a little time and describe a little bit of what goes on in my group. This won’t reveal personal workings or private details, but it will give an idea of how I run my group, and how things are taught. Just in case we ever have another opening, and someone wants to apply to fit the spot.

My style of teaching is pretty laid back. I give my students twice monthly or monthly homework, depending on how hard it is, or if there is a special holy day. We try to work together on the Full moons, at least. But we all have different goals. We just project all of our energies into the universe at the same time, in different places. I’m only strict with my students about conduct, the Courtesies, evocation vs. invocation, and the boveda issue. And I give out a pre-approved book list. I do not recommend Luciferian texts, Qayin texts.

The reason why is confusion. These books are NOT Demonolatry. I only recommend these if you are into learning those aspects.

Many Demonolatry books out there are great for beginners. There are lacking books in intermediate/advanced books though. There are a few. But it seems that a lot of Demonolators are armchair magicians. They get the books, show them off and do nothing. Getting a book isn’t going to manifest your desires! I give my students good leeway if they do wish to study Luciferianism or even that Qayin crap. Not on MY time though. Hell, I’m NOT even into Crowley, not one bit. Though I do have a fondness for the Gnostic Mass and the little cakes of light and wine part. It reminds me of a minerval initiation into the OTO. And some similarities are within the Order of the Eastern star. There is a secret Cabbalistic word. And secret handshakes. LOL.

The Santa Muerte rite is progressing pretty well. I’m really excited for my client. I hope he gets a job soon.

Working with her is an absolute delight. She is very understanding. She is like a mascot for the person who is a ‘black sheep’ basically.

And people ask how to get in contact with her all the time/ EASY!!! Build an altar, get a statue, glass of water, incense, and some offerings. Common ones are apples, cigars, cigarettes, strong coffee (black only), and tobacco. Sage just stinks up the whole place. 🙂

The other uncommon thing each of us do is maintain a boveda. That is an altar for the spirits of the Dead, ancestors. We do this because it gives us a better link to the Demons, energizes the ritual, and we get peace with our loved ones because they will often speak to us through the Demons. I just found out that my mom *just* got elevated. I am feeling pretty happy about that. It’s been almost 11 years since she died. This December.

Some people take longer to accept that they are gone. As a Funerary Priestess, that is another part of my job, to see that the Dead are led back to the veil and everything is peaceful.

Ave all!





I Don’t Want To Diss Anyone But I Might…

Maybe my blog is a place where I can actually talk about how I feel about certain things? I think that is what this platform is for, correct?

I have strong opinions. If you don’t like strong opinions, then don’t read my posts. If you’re contradictory and make a snide ass comment, I won’t acknowledge it. It gets deleted. I do read things, but delete them as I see fit.

Now, I don’t want to diss anyone in the “Satanic” community. We are all part of the same cloth, basically. Some of us worship, some don’t. We are all in agreement that x-tianity sucks and it’s not for us.

I’ve just come across some people that are wanting too much too soon. Especially again, Luciferians. They all want it NOW. They are a hot topic of mine because there are soooo many. It’s become popular, and these people are so individualistic, you cannot pin them down to any tradition unless they tell you exactly what is behind their path. Many of them do reconstructionist type of worship and work. I don’t really follow this. I don’t feel the need to fit into any culture in order to speak or worship their “gods” or aptly named, “Demons.”

Then, some of them deny any cultural background. There, confusing, right? They shift back and forth and even the books do. So it makes it extremely difficult for me to put into logical sense into my brain. It doesn’t fit somehow. When I think of Luciferian, I think LUCIFER. I don’t see Satan. Or the Prince of Darkness. Etc. He’s the Morning Star. Brother of Diana. He’s the air element. I see the two Demons as different. I’m a hard poly.

I guess this is turning into a rant about Luciferians. Don’t get me wrong, I like them. Many of my friends are Luciferians. I just wish some of them would get their head out of their asses. Michael Ford and EA Koetting are not powerful magicians. They are charlatans making the MIGHTY BUCK. While I do sell my wares, I’m not to a level of this magnitude. So I’m not a fucking hypocrite.

There are a lot of things in the Satanic community that bother me. Like when someone asks, “How do I “summon” so and so?” I hate the word “summon.” What, are they at your beck and call? Dial 976-EVIL? It’s not that hard to pick up a PDF online and read how to invoke a Demon. Really not that hard.

And someone comes to me for teaching, and whines that its not hardcore Demonolatry…wah wah wah. Yes it is. But we happen to be into Necromantic practice. I label everything in black and white. Read it or don’t bother with me. If you are so lucky to see my group policies, READ the damn things, carefully. Jesus.

It’s nice, in Demonolatry, for me, there is no competition. Maybe some people think I’m going up against someone, but I’m not. Anything I work on or publish is independent of affiliations with the FToD, OFS, TTS, and Trad/Gen Dem. (If you don’t know what these are: FToD = First Temple of Demonolatry – defunct; OFS = Ordo Flammeus Serpens – somewhat active; TTS – Temple Thoth Seshat – Active Khemetic Funerary group.)

I may use sigils or enns. But that’s it.

I can finally publish what I want to, but my ideas are scattered and I need to brainstorm them. And…my book ideas have been done. I don’t think I have an original idea. Well, I do have a few up my sleeve. Bahahaha!

Think about this…

Interesting post…

The Boneyard

These writings are from another person, who is dead now, and his books are hard to find. I just happen to know the right people to hook me up.

Two passages of one beginning chapter caught my eye. What is your interpretation of them?


Magic is not for All.
It is to be respected and guarded, and not generalized to the point of becoming lukewarm; it is of no use to make magic popular if it weakens its power, cheapens it, and only increases its commercial value.


But Nature’s Spirit must be rediscovered, it is lost to most of us, and yet is our vital source of Inspiration. This Inspiration must be sought in earnest and if you are to succeed then it must be sought alone. The Solitude required is intense and curiously pleasurable despite its painfulness and desperate loneliness; it is a Forge in the Soul…

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Random Ramblings: My Current Studies

Just wanted to post about my current studies.

Most notably, my current studies are revolving around astrology. It is an art and a quite mysterious science. I don’t care if people say it’s a pseudoscience, I just see how it relates to people. If it seems true, then it’s true. I’m a real open honest person. I just read charts like anything else. Open eyes, honest heart.

I am no specialist. I am looking at the bare bones basics of natal charts at the moment. I started studying astrology at the age of ten or so, when my friend Sarah got me interested in it because her mom was and I was also into her Ouija board too…lol. I did haphazard study over the years, never got super serious. Math is no fun, I’m no good at it. I let the software do that shit.

I’m having fun tearing apart charts of students, friends, and relatives. It is insightful and fun. And people love hearing about themselves. LOL. That is one thing that people have in common.

I also like to study tinctures. Roots in alcohol mostly. They do pretty awesome. I’ve mentioned my success with the High John tincture. I’ve done it in other alcohol types too. Try a cologne for personal power. I cannot locate a large enough amount of lucky hand root any longer to make a tincture out of it. I was thinking of taking the ones out of the oil that I have currently. Cleaning them off and placing them in alcohol. Tincturing Benzoin Siam was no fun. I ended up turning that into an oil. Must tincture more roots! Maybe Black Snake root, Orris root. Angelica root? I am now known as Bruja Root Girl. 😉 Haha. Just kidding.

So stars and plants. Exciting? I’m working with Avnas for the stars. Aka Amy. I wear a sigil bearing a orange carnelian stone, fit for the President.

Oh, I did make a batch of Florida Water, but I don’t know if I want to sell it or not. It does have oils in it, and even in a mist, could oil stain. It is diluted with rum, water and rose water. I have about 8 oz. available.

Random Ramblings: So Much To Do

I’ve been busy, that is why I haven’t written. Thoughts preoccupied with either study or magic. When I’m not studying, I’m performing some type of magic. Either or. I have two projects right now. One of them is going extremely well and I am so thankful to Santisima Muerte. From the moment of the Tributa, I knew things were going to go right. 🙂

I’m also prepping for a real life ritual that will be happening soon. My new High Priest will be here. It will be awesome. Still uncertain of ritual area but we are getting there. 🙂 Realized that I live in a virtual hotspot of vortices and ley lines along the I-5 corridor south. No wonder I have so much successful magic since I’ve lived down here. My results didn’t seem as good up north. My magic, come to think of it, always did best when I lived south. When I lived in Tucson, Arizona, my magic energy was great. When I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it SUCKED. Hardcore.

I don’t get that. I love the NW. I hate hot weather. Oh yeah – I was doing my studying…lots of intense studying of astrology right now. I looked at my chart. I have more yang energy. Maybe that is why I prefer the southern direction?

My new HP comes from the south. Interesting?

There are all kinds of weird things in our astrological charts that chime together so well. We are a really great group of people that mesh fabulously. There is only one element that is a little lacking, but it’s not that horrendous. I’m starting to feel really close to the Father right now…odd…

Hmm. I got his energy as the fire element at this time. Not as our Fifth element. We do see him as fire too…some of us.

I just put on my Baphomet. I love how spell check capitalizes Baphomet. LOL. Awesome.

Hail Satan! Hail Avnas!

About Teaching & Satanic Styles

Hi Folks,

Some of you have come to me, wanting to be taught Demonolatry or to be in my coven. While I don’t mind the gesture, I’m not really interested in teaching anyone at the moment. I have some big things going on in my coven right now. And having two students is difficult enough. Especially when I’m in charge of most of the things that happen. I have to balance my magical jobs with correspondence, which is not easy. My man, or “partner in crime” only helps me with my Etsy shop. Which is another thing that I run on my own. I’m getting some super lucky Jupiter in Leo help. That’s one of my planetary rulers – and people with this ruling always sniff out jobs to do. I’m no exception.

I’m heavily into astrology right now. Trying to make sense about how things work. It is NOT an easy ‘science’ to master. Thank Demons we have computers now to do calculations.  When I was a kid, I did my own math to find out my Moon sign. That was difficult enough!

Anyway, I used to really hang out at the Demonolatry Worldwide forum on Facebook, but I don’t find myself hanging out there anymore. It’s become pretty mundane, unless you can get past this stuff and get to some of the good stuff. Most of the questions, I did not feel dignified to answer a lot of things, because my replies would have undoubtedly caused friction. You’ve got a few types of Satanists in these forums…not to make fun, but here are my observations.

Teaching Observations:

The Total Noob: Goes on the forum and asks: How do I summon Belial? (Or insert Demon name here)

The In Your Face With My Demonic Power – Convinced that they are receiving all sorts of messages from the Demons at any moment; the Demons dictate their behavior; every answer to a question must be quoted from an S. Connolly book; wearing large pentagrams and Baphomet’s just make you look so DARK!

The Chosen One – We see a lot of this in Demonolatry. People get a false sense of power because they begin working with Demons and receive the energy and it’s intoxicating. It makes them reach higher, trying to find a similar feeling. They end up thinking they have all of this rank, when they really have none. They feel holier than thou.

Luciferians – I’m going to admit this is not my favorite form of Satanism. Why? Because it focuses so heavily on the “dark current” or whatever. We MUST be different than everyone else. We HAVE to be the most evil, the MOST extreme. We need to use various cultures to draw from because we are really confused about our own spiritual heritage, so we go and rape others that seem “dark.” Just go to every culture and adopt their gods/goddesses and call them Luciferian. Oooohkay. And Luciferians seem to not have a good sense of humor and seem to be rigid folks. Sorry, that’s just my encounter with quite a few of them.

Abrahamic Satanists – Reverse Christians. People who call upon Qayin (Cain). IMHO. Samael. Shit from the Bible. Nah, no place in real Satanism. People who think Demons are fallen angels. ROFL.

Self-Styled Satanists – These are the most common. They don’t always look the part. They can kill themselves so easily. They are usually depressed teenagers or twenty-somethings. They make up their Satanism as it goes along. These ones come with the dumbest questions. Though I don’t think there is such of a thing as a dumb question…I answer everyone.

Atheist Satanists – What’s the fucking point?

Hard Polytheists – Belief in the Demons actually being separate and existing on their own.

Soft Polytheists – Belief that the Demons are part of something bigger, like old gods or even psychological aspects of the magician’s personality.

This is just my view. I didn’t think I would last in Satanism after all of these years of turmoil. It was always something I’d come back to, where I always felt “at home.”

Did I go through phases? Naturally. Mostly just the “chosen one” phase. I think all Demonolators do.

The Boveda

In my coven, we keep an altar called a “boveda.” A boveda is an altar that comes from Espiritismo, a form of Spiritualism, which is not a religion. Spiritualism is the belief that the spirits of the dead have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. About seven years ago, I got involved with keeping a boveda because I began to study Palo. Which, I don’t really want to mention, but this changed my life in a very important way. I was always supposed to be an espiritista. I was meant to work with the Dead. I didn’t realize that I drew similar people to me. Hence, my group. We are very different than other Demonolatry covens. We all ended up being natural magnets for the Dead, and we drew the Death Demons to us. I became a Funerary Priestess and realized that everyone in my coven had placements in their astrological charts with a proclivity for necromantic work. I, especially, have communication skills when it comes to working with the Dead. My other members have various other gifts. We believe it is important to honor ancestors. Its a very important practice to us. Offering water, light, scent, prayers and other things provides our ancestors with energy and elevation. The boveda acts as a vortex of energy.

It helps draw the Demons as well. The water acts as a conductor of energy. This is well known that water helps spirits manifest. Particularly running water. Here, my tap water is river water, so the spirits love it. Never use distilled water. It has no energy, it is dead.

My other members decided they were interested in the Funerary system as well. That makes my coven unique. If you are not into spirits, or your ancestors, conducting funerals, consoling people, etc – don’t bother contacting me about my coven, if we were looking for memberships. Which we aren’t.

I do a little freestyle teaching once in awhile though. Feel free to contact me and see if I’m busy.

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