Ritual Music

Suggestions for Ritual Music:

Top Choices:

The Devil & the Universe (anything)


Westgate – Permutations

Abyss – Demonolatry Hymns

Do a search for ritual music on YouTube. There are quite a few interesting songs. Even some “satanic” ones. I also have Palo music, but I’m not going to recommend it. I suggest you find some on your own. It’s powerful stuff.


Different Methods

I guess you could say that I’m working eclectically right now. But I still really hate that word. Eclectic. Makes me think of Wiccans calling upon different goddesses, such as Oya and Minerva in the same circle. Yikes! I’m not a mixer of pantheons.

I had a fabulous Rite to Flereous. I felt his presence more than ever before. Usually my summer solstice rites were kind of dull with energy unless I was with other people. Flereous was here strong. His presence was very known.

But I have gotten back into some of my Palo roots. NEVER did I say I was giving up on Palo completely. Just on the initiation. It’s so crazy expensive. I’ve been working with Lucero and I’ll be getting something special for Mama Chola.

Feeling good, powerful, spiritual energies going strong.


I Don’t Understand Expensive Magic

So, okay. My magic may go into hundred(s) of dollars sometimes. There are sound reasons for that. It depends on what kind of magic I’m doing, what the risks are, and what the benefits may be.

BUT – HOLY SHIT BATMAN! (RIP Adam West) I heard that this one rather “famous” YouTube “Witch” is charging 10K for spells!!! That is fucking unreasonable and anyone who is willing to fork over that kind of cash to ANYONE, particularly to some “Witch” that they don’t know in REAL LIFE is irresponsible, stupid, and absolutely IGNORANT! Do your research before you invest in a spellcaster. I don’t care how ‘beautiful’ she is. I don’t care how mystical her Etsy site looks. I don’t care if she says “I’ll curse them for you.” Steer clear of these online spellcasters, they are fakes, charlatans, frauds, and pieces of dog shit.

That goes for male spellcasters too. I just generalized Witch to female. So sue me.

I take the time to get to know my clients. I research them, find out what’s going on. I try to work in the most economical way that I can for each person. I’m not one who just throws caution to the wind and buys super expensive occult shit. My loose incenses and oils are handmade from my own stock. I specially brew magical baths. I make nearly everything by hand. The most important part though, is that I don’t get on my high horse and charge huge bucks for magic that is easily done without a shit load of tools and accoutrements.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, either…but being more reasonable is more responsible.

Sorry if my blog is contradictory

Sorry if my blog contradicts itself…I’ve gone through so many changes since I started this blog in 2014. I hope my readers can understand this; Palo was not a “phase.” It’s still here but not being focused on like the Demons right now. So if you run across posts that say I work with Demons but don’t give blood offerings or whatever, that’s changed. I do not work with Spirit Pots any longer though. Still work with my ancestors. My focus just changed. I am pretty happy where I am. The Demons seem happy that I’m back working with them. I’ve gotten the feeling that I’m ‘home’ again.

Still A Lack of Information In The Occult

I hate to say it. Really do. But there is a lack of information about the finer things in the occult. There’s plenty of 101, ethics, practicals, spellbooks, Wicca garbage, fake sounding “dark” shit, and fucking “hoodoo” up the arse today. There aren’t many workbooks that tell you how to actually sense muertos, work with them, and honor them (aside from my work and the biased work of ATR religion practices). There are very few actual ADVANCED magical books that go beyond 101; and when they do, they end up just being books of correspondences or some stupid Kabbalah, “Qlipothic” or ceremonial magic work. I’m not speaking of Demonolatry books. Most of those are filled with advancing material. Go ahead and say, “Oh EA Koetting is advanced!” Or Michael Ford. Nope, nada, nein! Or, ONA, Temple of this or that, etc etc, ad nauseam.

I have to admit, it’s not easy advancing yourself with just the help of books. You really do need people to help you along the way. That’s one reason I teach. And I don’t charge money for it, unless it’s a certain circumstance where there are exchanges of materials.

Another thing that pisses me off is the amount of illegal PDF’s out there. Writers painstakingly write and edit their books, for their topic and to reach people. They deserve payment. Nothing in life is completely free. It shouldn’t be. If you think so, go to the library. That’s free. I’m fucking pissed that “sacred magick” dot com has my books WITHOUT permission, and they are charging people for it. I tried to write several times, but I am ignored.

I can tell that due to the lack of CORRECT information, people are learning incorrect techniques, or none at all. People come to me and can’t even meditate. They cannot grasp it because all the literature says “Empty your mind completely.” That is not how meditation works. If you have a thought during meditation, acknowledge it and let it go. That simple.

Most of the magic information I find is written poorly, with spelling errors, grammatical errors, capitalization errors rampant within it. This goes along with my last post about “Everyone think’s they can write a book these days.” I’ve come across cheap ass Kindle books that are just repeated information from some internet site or a Cunningham book ripoff on Wicca herbs or oils, etc!??! What has this occult world come to?

I miss the old days when there was no internet. You literally HAD to read books and/or go to other people to learn things. You had to also have some social skills to get along with people who you’re working with. Today, there are hardly any social skills. It’s all “Gimme this now! I NEED this information from you. Goodbye.” Then back to being an antisocial misfit. Because it’s soooo cool to be into the occult. I’m not saying or dissing real life groups out there now, hell no. I’m saying that these youngsters are expecting more for no work on their part. They just want a PDF they can take a peek at, and instantly say “Oooh, I’m a chaos magickian wizard Demonolator!” They NEED a LABEL.

Notice how society has changed??? My husband and I have. In our day, you did not want to be labeled or put into a box. Now it is ALL about being this or that label, and god forbid if someone disagrees with your label. Because then, if someone doesn’t agree, the snowflake needs their “safe space” because they’re all “triggered” by people who don’t give a flying fuck about labels.

There will probably always be a lack of GOOD information about the occult, because people in the “know” don’t tell people their secrets for work. I certainly don’t give out many secrets. And I don’t want to. Especially to people with today’s mentality. I only share with my coven.

Sorry if I come across as rambly. I’m just fed up with crappy material. I want something WORTH reading!! Guess I’ll have to wait until a good Demonolatry book may be printed or I publish my own….

Let’s wait and see…

Advice for peeps that need good info. ::shrug:: If you’re into Demons, S. Connolly is good. If you’re into the Dead, my books are informative. Pretty cheap on Amazon Kindle. My divination with Demons book is on Lulu, in paperback though. If you’re into general magic, older books are better, typically. I’m into Hermeticism, not Kabbalah. So I recommend “Initiation into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon. Also, The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs” by Freke and Gandy. These are eye opening books. I stay the hell away from Crowley. His shit just confused the shit out of me and left me feeling slimy. I don’t even use his version of the Goetia, illustrated or the one written with Mathers. If you want to read old grimiores, that is fine, but fuck off with the Christian conjurations and banishments. Skip Wicca. Ceremonial magic has very few good techniques. All of the LBRP banishments, rules of the “circle”, the ridiculous tool making, it was a waste for me.

If you like the “sinister” aspects, the Qayin crap, the current 218, “Luciferian” crap by Ford (Luciferian Witchcraft was the worst purchase I ever made in my life. What a waste of what, 500 some nonsensical pages). This tells me you still have Christian trappings.

Sorry I’m so verbose this morning. I’m bored as fuck. This is all IMHO, so if ya don’t like it, GTFO. 😛




Random Ramblings: *Everyone* Thinks They’re A Writer Now

Oh my my. I was on Amazon looking for things to read. I have never seen SO MUCH garbage in my life! Looking through magic, necromancy, goetia, and other occult topics..everyone thinks they’re a writer now because it’s so easy to self-publish. Some of these books I’ve gotten on my Kindle and they’re not even edited properly or have a decent ePUB format! And most of the books – I mean MOST of them do not get near 100 pages of material. It’s pathetic. Not everyone is a writer. When I began, I didn’t write really long books either. But, I matured and grew. Because I was persistent with my writing. Still, I can’t write a million pages of material – I’m not Stephen King, the most verbose guy on the planet. I can’t write fiction because I simply don’t read much of it. My visualization skills are great, my imagination is too, but I don’t see a point in making up a story. That’s just me.

A lot of that material available for cheap on Kindle is nothing but utter nonsense, crap, and not even worth it. You can read my blog, I have a lot more info on here than some stupid “MagicK 101” or spooky named, Latin touting titled book.

Ok, that was one of my rambling rantings.

Full Moon tonight!

Tonight is the Full Strawberry moon. It’s in Sagittarius. My group and I are taking advantage of the timing and doing rituals individually. We always report what we’re doing to each other. I’m working on letting go of some restrictions and bindings (Saturn is in the picture right now) and I’m going to embrace the qualities I need to be a powerful, effective magician/High Priestess. I’ll be calling into myself things that I am missing, or have forgotten.

There is so much I’ve learned in the past two years. My spirituality has blossomed. I do thank my godfather for a ton of that. I learned a lot from Palo, from my first godfather to my current one. And as odd as it sounds, it helped my Demonolatry work. Go figure. (Yes, I still consider my Tata my godfather even though I’m not in Palo – I may be initiated someday)

I hope everyone has a great Full moon ritual!


Different Way to do Videos?

I thought maybe if any of you were curious enough or wanted questions answered all about Demons, Demonolatry, necromancy, sorcery, and general occult topics, I could do YouTube videos for that purpose. Anyone want to do that?


This post is for people who want to be my student.

My group is five people, including me, and we intend to stay small. We are not in the same state, so it’s a virtual group, but we work rituals together at the same time, adjusting time zones. I’m the High Priestess, and there is a High Priest. If we are considering a new member, we are very stringent in a candidate. We do not mind newbies. But you must be over 21, have no identity crisis, and absolutely no drama. We do test candidates for loyalty, secretiveness, values, and strength. We reserve the right to kick out an unruly person, and that is defined by the High Priest and I. Oath-breakers receive rightful punishment.

Another thing: You will have to drop all of your Christian/Catholic trappings. I do not debate Bible topics, anything about legions of Demons, hell, damnation, etc. I expect students to leave that all behind. I do not discuss “Qayin.” Nor the 218 current. Nor anything to do with Michael Ford, E.A. Koetting, or Sorceress Cagliastro. I don’t teach the Kabbalistic background – I teach Hermeticism. I dislike Chaos magic, Enochian, Crowley. If you want to learn these things, you may study them on your own.

Maybe one person could be let in right now.

If you’re interested and have no issues with what I said, email me at disirdevi@hotmail.com

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