Demonic Readings & General

My work is going very well. I’m saving the money I need for my trip and ceremony. I’m still looking for some personal jobs though. I’d like at least one other job if anyone is interested. I’m always open for readings.

I have two different Demonic readings now. The $40 reading is a basic reading that utilizes the Demons help. I use Demonic cards, no tarot. It is very simple, I just need very direct questions. If you ask vague questions, you will receive vague answers.

The other Demonic reading is a magical reading, which involves much more information. I require a birth date, time, and city and country. This requires specific questions too. Also, it will involve a magical ascension ritual where I will gaze into a black bowl and see which Demons appear to be in your periphery. This reading can end up somewhat general at times, just remember to ask the appropriate questions. I’ll be able to pull a lot of other information off of you too. I use various forms of divination for this reading. Demonic cards, cowrie shells, the black bowl for ascension, sometimes tarot.

End of plug.

I’ve been getting steady work, I just want to keep getting it! I’m not too far away from my goal amount.

Finally – Spirit Pots Getting Noticed

Hmmm. Weird – finally people are reading my Spirit Pot posts. Sure took a long time. And I did get contacted by someone who apparently made one and it’s successful. So that is a good thing to know. Maybe there are more people out there that I don’t know about? I don’t expect contact about them, but it’s nice to hear that someone is having luck. That lets me know that for one, I’m definitely not full of bullshit. Haha. I knew that anyway. My old friend in Mexico said that my Spirit Pots are pretty close to nganga’s that he was surprised I wasn’t already initiated into Palo and actually had my own nganga. NO, they are NOT the same – at all. But some of the ingredients and such are the same. There is A LOT more that goes into a nganga and it HAS TO BE MADE by your Tata, you have to be initiated to a certain level, and all that jazz.

That’s the beauty of Spirit Pots. Anyone can make one. But…not everyone can make them operational. You need to know about your muertos very extensively. How to gather them and work with them. And of course, the mechanics of how the Spirit Pot works, what it needs as offerings go, the right conditions to house it, and many more things. I mean, sure, you can copy my ingredients, rituals and procedures on how to build a Spirit Pot, but will it work for you? After spending a couple hundred dollars on it, you’d better hope you can make it work. LOL. If it doesn’t, then you just have an odd piece of artwork that you can either store or throw away.

If the pot doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t keep it because it COULD potentially cause problems. How? If you tried to attach a spirit to it and didn’t build it right, things can go awry. You can get haunting activity, bad luck, and/or crossed conditions. Yes, this is possible. It may not happen, but it’s probable. So think hard before you even want to buy any of the supplies/ingredients. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money and time.

Have fun!!

Demonic Theophany, Gates, Vi Baoith Raimi Kairtey

I’ve been studying my TTS version of the Infernal Colopatiron by S. Connolly that I got years ago. I haven’t tested it out yet. I am thinking about doing elemental gate opening, because that is the first experiment. I don’t know if I’ll ever do the long gate opening ceremony or not. I would love to try it, but right now it seems quite challenging. I’m advanced enough. I know that. I’ve been contemplating this topic a lot lately. I’m not the type of magician who believes in smoke and mirrors. I want actual manifestation. And I’ve actually only had one experience that was really kind of alarming because I wasn’t ready for it. It happened about two weeks before my mother’s passing. I was coming out of my bedroom, into my hallway and felt a cold presence. Then tap, tap, tap, on my right shoulder. I knew the energy. It was Eurynomous. He is well known for making appearances in various different ways. For instance, via Vi Baoith Raimi Kairtey. That is when writing will appear on a piece of paper all on its own during ritual. You may not be able to decipher what it says. I’ve seen this phenomenon. It is really interesting. It wasn’t my own experience, it was someone else, but that is powerful stuff right there. You cannot force this to happen. And it only happens with the Nine Demonic Divinities as far as I know. Eury, as he is affectionately known, just seems to be a really comforting presence, but the tapping on my shoulder was kind of unexpected and creepy. LOL.

Hard Work-N-Things

I’ve been working my little magical ass off. I have two clients at once, with two very different magical outcomes. It’s not all that confusing because I’m used to it. I cannot disclose what work I am doing but lets just say it is quite difficult. Plus I’m still waiting for some stuff from a botanica. That’s always the hardest part.

But I did discover that the cheap “7 day” candles are actually 4 day candles – highly disappointing. The ones I got from Original Botanica for $4.95 are TOTALLY worth the price. They actually burn for 7 days, most of the time. If you haven’t checked out their regular 7 day candles, I suggest you do. The refillable ones are pretty damn good too. The shipping gets a bit expensive, but if you buy heavy candles, expect it.

I made a bunch of oils for a friend who is paying me for them. She ordered 10. I got them all done within two days. I mixed a powder for another friend who shall remain nameless as well as her situation. The powder remains a secret too. It’s not hoodoo related. It’s a recipe that I got through Lucifuge. I learn a lot from him and other Demons as well. But he is very connected to one of the jobs I’m doing. Mama Chola sent me the jobs…she is so excellent. No, she’s not a Demon. She is from Palo Mayombe. I still work with her and other kimpungulu.

On another topic, someone contacted me who made the Spirit Pot work for them. No one else has contacted me. I think too many people don’t do it right or they’re too lazy or weak to make it work.

Well that is my post for now. Gotta get back to work.

Work on Both Sides

I’ve been working with the Demons, and have been working with the kimpungulu as well. Mama Chola I am grateful for. She helps me get work when I need it. I have some goals. So hopefully I can fulfill them in the nearest future.

My nkisi for Mama Chola is almost done. I should be getting her soon. It will be awesome. I’ll have to figure out where to put her, which altar works best. Since she is watery, I have a shared spot for her on my Leviathan shrine. Makes some sense, I guess. But some people would say “Do not mix! Do not mix!” Well fuddy duddies, it works, so I don’t care what you say. I will be aligned with my spirits soon enough! I hope!

I also have a Santa Muerte shrine. Am I going to get fried for this too? I have her watch over my dad. Simple as that.

Ooh I’m on the verge of something horrible right? Too many different beings at once! Ha! I say. I like the variety of energies I get from whomever I work with. Oh yeah, there’s the Dead too. Anyone going to schiz out?

I’m doing really well. Money is flowing. We’re paying our bills on time. We have no more struggles to worry about, just a simple ennui that occurs because we don’t have much to do. I tend to retreat into my spiritual world, while my honey likes his video games. We’re both retired before age 50. Various disabilities. But it doesn’t mean that I stop what I’m doing and dwell on my problems. People with disabilities can practice just the same as someone in tip top health. Chronic pain does stop me at times, but I keep chugging on. Marijuana is one of my medications. Just because it’s recreational here doesn’t mean I use it for recreation. I often get things with a balanced CBD level for pain relief. It works as well as an opiate if you find the right milligram dosage of THC and CBD. For me it’s at least 60 mg THC and 20 mg CBD, estimated. (I know that’s not 100%.)

Anyhoo, enough for now. Later readers.

Lots of Work

I’ve just gotten some good work to do. I wasn’t terribly busy, doing a lot of readings. But I have magic work to do now, so I’ll be plenty engaged now. I asked Mama Chola for help, so I must thank her for her help on this. That means a trip to the river with some offerings. I haven’t even received her nkisi to work with yet. My godfather is making one for me. A nkisi is a sort of object or fetish. Obviously I can work with her without it, but I think things will be a lot more powerful with the nkisi. Mama Chola never lets me down. 🙂

So my practice is mostly Demonolatry, but with some good Palo work thrown in. Demonolatry helps a lot, because I cannot afford to be initiated into Palo. But I’m saving up for my Espiritista initiation. It’s what I’m working for right now.

I’ll get to know my spiritual court and be able to hold misas, if I can get anyone to join me. LOL.

So, yeah, I’ll be a busy bee for awhile. Woot! Thank you Mama Chola. ❤

Random Ramblings: Doin’ Stuff

Yesterday was quite busy, spiritually anyway. I cleaned my boveda, refilled the glasses and honored my ancestors and Ba’alberith. I also ended up making six different Demonic oleums. Lots of work there. I am making a total of 10 for a customer. They are turning out awesome. 🙂

I also made Santisima Muerte La Negra oil. It smells really good. I do work with her too. Her shrine is in my living room. Not many people come over so it’s pretty safe there. I just found a black rosary at an Estate sale, so I figured it would be perfect for her statue. I’m not using my expensive statue anymore. I put it away for safe keeping. I have a less fancy statue up now.

Today will be busy. I have to ship off a package and go buy some more 7 day candles at the Mexican grocery. Only place I can find any decent ones. My town sucks. I can’t find anything and I end up getting ripped off because I have to buy supplies online.

I am excited about Samhain this year! I’m initiating someone into my group. It’s going to be very cool. If I don’t screw up. I have before. LOL.

Tarot and Me

Or shall I say, Tarot and I? Forgive me for bad grammar. 😛

I have never had luck with tarot cards. I could never just pick them up and read them. They are full of messages and symbols, I could just never put the story together. I put tarot away for a very long time (about 9 years), because I never thought I’d touch it again. Wrong I was!

Today I just felt something happen. I went into my bedroom/temple and sat before my boveda. Lit some incense and candles. Prayed to my ancestors and to Ba’alberith. Suddenly I just got the urge to dig through some things I’ve had sitting around for a long time, that were near the altar. I was looking for a tarot deck a month ago just for a ritual for someone and didn’t find any cards anywhere. Well, this deck shows up easily this time!

It’s an odd duck of a deck. It’s called “The Vision” tarot deck. Take a looksee here:

Real photos are used in the cards. They really jump out at you with their symbols. I just took the deck out of it’s box and set them on my altar with a piece of green Kyanite to get rid of any psychic gook, I also added an Amethyst (my birthstone), a piece of Flourite, a piece of Blue Tiger’s Eye and a piece of Sodalite atop of the deck. I should sleep with my deck, but this one is just a temporary until my Morgan-Greer deck comes. That is one of my favorite decks, it’s so pretty I think. I did not buy a used deck. I’m a little superstitious when it comes to used divination tools, unless it’s a Ouija board…I love getting those. If you want instructions on how to take an ordinary Ouija board and turn it into a Demon board so you can talk to them without any pesky Dead people don’t get through, write to me and I can definitely help out.

I just hope that my tarot experience is not a nightmare. I am eager to learn as much as I can. And not get frustrated.

But one thing please: Don’t ask me for any tarot readings until I’m ready. It’s going to take me a long time to remember 78 cards, plus the meanings. The pictures do help a lot, but I don’t want to miss anything important.

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